Sunday, November 6, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited



Trump pulled it off. I didn’t think such a victory was still possible in modern America. The hand of God must have been active in this election.

When I am wrong, I am fucking wrong. When I fuck up, I fuck up big time. I talk about assholes a lot on the website – turns out the greatest asshole of all is me.

Sometimes it is a good thing to be proven so mistaken.

I am trying to spread despondency.  I am trying to demoralize.  I come not to bring delight, but to encourage defeatism.  I compose these posts to demotivate you – which makes these essays all the more honest because they need to be all the more real.  I do not write you what you want read, but what you need to read.

Donald Trump is not going to win the election.

Any candidate that is called “dark and divisive” by the ruling class is somebody that I am obviously going to support.  Donald Trump is, unquestionably, the superior candidate in the election.  But in this life, the best thing is never going to happen for any of us.  Just as everything else in you past went terribly wrong, the best candidate is not going to win this this election.  Just as you weren’t ever going to be hired for a decent job, you aren’t going to get your choice in politicians either.  Nothing has ever gone right for you, and this election is not going to be an exception.

The media talks about a point in the future when American will have naturalized so many immigrants that their liberal votes will ensure that no conservative Republican will ever again be elected to national office.  But they lie when they insist that those demographic changes will occur in the coming decade – these population shifts have already happened years ago.  The official census will always undercount the actual number of interlopers.

Donald Trump simply does not have the electoral votes with current voting blocs.

The majority of the population will vote for Hillary Clinton because they want to remain in the majority.  The herd will vote for big government because they want to remain part of the herd.  The media says the good people will support Hillary, and conformists will do whatever they are told in order to remain good people.

Sure, Donald Trump’s supports are more enthusiastic – but exuberance means nothing in a time of mail-in ballets.  Hillary will win because her supporters will only interrupt television programming long enough to check a box on a form and slip it into a postage-paid envelope.  You don’t need enthusiasm when communitarians are running the mass media.

A Republican outsider just isn’t going to have the necessary voting base.  Minorities will always vote for the socialist party because the Dems promise more free stuff (these special-interest groups aren’t ever going to get all that crap, but they aren’t smart enough to figure those things out).  Faggot Democrats are are always going to out-liberal themselves.  That leaves an ever-diminishing pool of straight white voters.

Women are going to vote exactly like the black jurors in the O.J. Simpson trial.  The Afro-Americans on the Simpson jury felt that they, throughout their lives, had been victimized by the whites – and that voting for a verdict of “innocent” would set things right.  Doesn’t matter whether this presumption was logical or not; that was the way they framed their decision.  Well, mainstream women are told that they have been victimized by scuzzy men throughout their lives.  Again, this perception doesn’t matter whether it is rational or not.  If any given female candidate was ever hit-upon by some sleazy pickup artist, they are going to take it out on Trump – and vote for the feminist candidate.  Pussies will go the way that pussies go.

And the remaining population of white males is not enough to win anything.  There will never again be a conservative Republican President.

When Trump loses, it is necessary for the male remnant to come to certain conclusions.  Traditional American men will need to wise-up real fast.  November 9th is going to be the greatest come-to-Jesus moment in human history.

First, it is necessary to accept that national politics is a complete waste of time.  The Caucasian population of America will never again prevail in any national election, so don’t even bother with voting.  Never again invest your time and talents in something that you cannot win.

Second, it is necessary to stop contributing tax revenue that supports this Hag that these do-gooders have inflicted upon you.  The only way that you are going to make it through the second Clinton Administration is to alter your very lifestyle – before the government changes it for you.  Live minimally, and keep your income well below the IRS threshold (the combined personal exemption and standard deduction).  The only way to destroy the Beast is to stop feeding the Monster. 

Third, it is necessary for you to buy all the guns and ammo that you can afford – and then buy some more.  While Clinton will never explicitly ban firearms, the Democrats will impose so many regulations and restrictions that ownership will be effectively outlawed; arbitrary weapons will be confiscated in the name of public “safety.”  A free man must always find a way to protect himself.

The Constitution ain’t going to mean shit under a ruler like Hillary Clinton.  If the Bill of Rights really could protect anything, you would hardly be suffering the way you are now.  The Constitution made this nightmare possible, and don’t you forget it.  No legal document is going to help you preserve anything that you possess now.

Fourth, it is necessary for all conservative Americans to physically and geographically separate themselves from large liberal population centers.  The social-justice types are going to retaliate against white males after the election, so it is best to get some distance from the parasitic class.  Things are only going to get worse.  Anglos will need to go rural in order to survive.

Fifth, it is necessary to sever all personal contact with do-gooders.  Doesn’t matter if that liberal is your own brother, you need to write him off.  Only a pansy will remain friends with anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton – being around humanitarians is just too harmful to your psyche and pocketbook.  If you can’t drain the swamp, then you need to get away from the mosquitoes.  Separation is the only solution.  America does not need to come together, but to be cut apart.

It is time to return the contempt and condescension that altruists have shown toward you.  You must now become absolutely ruthless in the distrust and disgust that you display toward all Leftists.

Ultimately, Anglos (both males and sensible females) will need to retreat to a small, easily defended geographic enclave in North America.  And do what?  Bide their time.

I like Trump.  I truly wish that Donald Trump could win. But it is time to face reality.  The America you think you know is long gone.  Your country has already disappeared.

On November 8th, vote Trump.  On November 9th, make plans to get the fuck out.


  1. In which yet another self-proclaimed misanthropic nihilist turns out to actually be yet another paleocon crybaby trying on nihilism like an ill-fitting coat

  2. Shortly after Obama's first election, I told someone I know that I didn't think a white male would ever again be elected President. A Hillary victory will, I believe, stamp a big PAID on that prediction. Hell, where I live, most voters, who happen to be white Anglos, wouldn't care if Pol Pot or Idi Amin won as long as the Alabama Crimson Tide wins another national football championship.

  3. this is a great result! lets fuck things up in here

  4. Don't be fooled. You WILL be disappointed. This is the con trick of politics. Offering hope based on your own preferences. All our preferences are hopeless.

    When it comes to politics, we are only important insofar as we keep providing wealth and power for the rich and powerful. Outside of that, there is no such thing as politics, only hunger.

  5. The hand of God is always active - more tangible and noticeably this election. BTW - I'm so glad you were completely fucking wrong as well. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, was the only one to see it coming.

  6. Andrew McIntosh: You're so right. Nothing truer than that.

  7. Will you write "optimist" posts from now on?

  8. I put a negative twist on everything. I will manage a pessimistic spin on just about everything. I could be writing about "orgasms" or "sunsets," and I will make it all seem repellent.

  9. Anglos? Christianity? The white race?