Sunday, June 3, 2018


by John Grauerholz

There is no greater misfortune than to fall in love.   There is no greater mishap in this world than to have romantic feelings for another human being.  There is no greater misery than to love another person.  Falling in love is always a mistake.

The more conforming the personality, the more that person is going to tell you that love is the most important thing in life.  The more a person is part of a herd, the more that entity is going to repeat something about emotions being the most essential part of existence.  But the further you get from the crowd, the more you will see human relationships for what they actually are: love is of no value whatsoever.  You need to be alone to understand things.

Love is a sort of emotional Trojan horse.   Love bypasses the firewall around the personality.  Like a toxin getting through the blood-brain barrier, romance allows the toxic pus to get into your personality.   If you are ever unfortunate enough to hear the words “I love you” slithering from the lips of another person, you need to find yourself an antivenom.

Love gets in the way of self-fulfillment.  You can’t just travel – when you become a boyfriend, you are required to stick around to celebrate an anniversary.  You can’t just do whatever you want – when you become an attentive suitor, you need to drag the beloved along like the deadweight that she is.  You can’t just live a minimalist life – when you are afflicted with love, then you will be pressured into starting a family.  Make no mistake about it: romance keeps you from self-exploration.  Love is just a waste of time.  The cost of love is simply too great.

Love weakens you.  Romance weakens your natural immune system.  You can always spot the lovesick fellow – he’s the chap with the runny nose.   Love does bad things to the human body.  The first thing you want to do after kissing another person is to spit.  The first thing a man does after copulation is to piss.  When you are around other people, you instinctively want to get rid of that contamination – love is something that you ought to hack-up and hock into a spittoon.  You won’t heal until you get away from your soulmate.

Love leaves you open to brainwashing.  Love leaves you vulnerable to the outside.  Affection allows your mind to be imprinted.  Love not only leaves you susceptible to another person, but defenseless against social indoctrination.  Sentiments just make you one of the sheep.

When you are in love, you will be too distracted to resist external programming.   While you are busy doing all that vulgar romancing, the ruling elite will slip their commands into your subconscious.  Affection leaves you vulnerable to societal imprinting.

Love makes you want to conform.   In order not to lose access to the chosen one, you conduct yourself in the most inoffensive way possible.   If you are “on your best behavior;” then you cannot be yourself.  There is a reason why a couple always wants to go to movie theaters and restaurants together; they want to make a public display of affection.   Love makes you conventional.

I’ve seen people convert to religion because they suffered from romantic feelings.  I’ve seen move from one continent to another because of emotions.  I’ve seen people change their political affiliation merely to please another person.   Love destroys the sense of self.

Love is never reciprocated.   While you might well have some romantic attraction to another person, that affection is not going to be reciprocated.  The greater your infatuation, the less likely such passion will be returned.   Obsession is invariably one-sided.  The fleshy target of all that affection is just toying with you.  Many things can be said about your beloved, but one thing is certain about your chosen one: she will be the one laughing at you the longest.

Go to the brothels as often as you like, but don’t make the mistake of becoming emotionally involved with any trollop.  Fuck as many hookers as you like, but never make the error of falling in love with any of them.   There is nothing that ruins a good copulation like adoration.   Getting her secretions on your penis is risky enough, but her tears upon your shoulder threaten your personal autonomy.

Love destroys individualism.   If you value personal freedom, then you can’t afford to get emotionally involved with another person.   Love makes you dependent upon another human.  If you are an individualist, there is only one being that you can love: yourself.   Romance ties you not only to your sweetheart, but to the social order.   You need to think of a “soulmate” as an entity deliberately programmed by the elite to keep you snarled and ensnared in the system.  Those “sweet nothings” whispered in your ear are just subconscious commands.  All that pillow talk is just another form of indoctrination.   You never know what a girlfriend is planning while you are asleep beside her.

The greatest threat to individual independence is not chattel slavery, but feelings for another person.  Avoiding romance may seem a rather high price to pay for personal autonomy, but independence comes at a cost.  If you value individualism, you must not waste your attention and affection upon some other human in the herd.  Personal autonomy is more important than physical affection.

Love is a chain around the individual psyche.  Love is a yoke around the free spirit.  Emotions are the shackles of the soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


by John Grauerholz

I have this urge to be malicious.   I have this desire to smear malignancy across the reader’s eyes.  I don’t want to change the planet – I just need to reveal the true menace of reality.   I got me some malevolent mojo.

A spiteful man doesn’t want to end the life of his enemy – as much as to make him see the truth of existence.  The greatest act of wickedness is to force someone to witness the world as it is.   If you truly want to harm your adversary, make him glimpse the real ugliness around him.

If you want to shatter a man’s spirit, then surely it is better to show that he is unloved than to smack him in the nose.  Better to provide evidence of his wife’s infidelity than to give him a black eye.  Deep down, he already senses the hideousness you are about to reveal.  You do evil when you tell your enemy what he already suspects.  Wickedness happens when you confirm your adversary’s deepest fears.

If you want to destroy a citizen’s hope, better to show the decay on the streets around him than to steal his money.  Better to demonstrate the cultural decline of his motherland than to lift his wallet.

If you want to destroy a believer’s faith, it is more effective to display the emptiness within his psyche than to get him to sell his soul.  A mirror can be a better defensive weapon than bullet-proof glass.

Evil in an act of comprehension – evil is an activity of recognition.  You ultimately get your revenge when your enemy feels apprehension.  In contrast to what the mass media is always preaching, evil is something that you damn well should be doing.  You do evil when your force your target to give up all hope and to face the real.  You do evil when you destroy a subject’s faith with basic scientific fact.  Every individualist cannot help but bring a little more evil into daily existence.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited 

I want you to be miserable.   I want you to suffer.   I want your life to be ruined.

You deserve it.  You deserve to be in pain.

Every year that I have been alive, society has wronged me.  Every day upon this earth, other people have caused me harm.

It is only right and proper that others experience some of that hurt.  Making other people unhappy is not merely the duty of every individual – but spreading the hatred is a kind of reckoning.

Obviously, it is not possible to cause everyone on the planet actual physical damage – so the destruction must, then, be a sort of moral distress.  The greatest agony you can inflict upon another human being is to demolish his belief system.

You need a demonstration of sorts.  What you previously believed to be absolutely certain will be proved to be a measly preference.  You need to watch.  What you earlier thought to be true will be shown to be merely tentative.  You need to experience.  What you once felt to be love will be revealed to be a meager liking.

Consider it an infestation of the soul.  You’re welcome.