Monday, October 24, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Any idiot can keep fighting, but it takes a certain depth of character to accept that things are hopeless.  Any imbecile can remain in the trenches, but it takes particular courage to acknowledge that you are helpless.  Sometimes it takes more bravery to slink away than to march into battle.  Sometimes it is better to toss in the towel than to keep wiping.  Sometimes it is better to blow your nose than to keep picking out chunks of snot.

Any citizen can claim to be a patriot, but you have to truly love the country to recognize that America is finished.  It always takes a greater understanding of the Classics to determine that Western civilization has ended than it does to consume mass culture.  It always takes more faith to acknowledge that Christianity has failed than it does to get on your knees.  When there is writing on the wall, it takes a certain strength of will to keep reading to the bitter end. 

You cannot look at the contemporary United States and honestly believe that it is possible to fix this mess.  There is no political candidate who will kiss your hurt and make it all better.  It is too far gone for that.  You are not going to be hired for some new job that will ever give you the financial prosperity that you were promised in school.  There is no lady out there who will ever fall in love with you and fill that emptiness in your heart.  You have no future.  There is nothing left for you. 

Even if you were somehow able to repair the social order, are there really any citizens that are truly worth saving?  Even if you were able to salvage the system, is there anyone on this planet worth the sacrifice to yourself?  Would you actually give your life to protect any of your countrymen?  The nation let you down; your own family screwed you over; and all your lovers have betrayed you. 

You owe your race only as much as it has done for you: nothing.  You are supposed to protect the same people that have continually double-crossed you?  I think not.  If all that women have ever done is stab you in the back, then it would only put your own life at risk to extend a helping hand.  Perhaps your only real duty is to yourself. 

The black pill” is a moment of reckoning.  The black pill is an awareness that there is something wrong with the social order, a something that can never be fixed.  The black pill is a metaphysical apprehension that there is basic flaw to existence itself.  Because of this primordial defect to life, the black pill is an understanding that all you can ever trust is your own ego.  The black pill is a discernment that the only thing that matters is your own self. 

The black pill is often confused with nihilism – but the black pill is not some abstract philosophical notion that life is without meaning.  Quite the reverse.  The black pill is a matter of practical experience, a calculation based on actual damage that has already been done to you.  The black pill reveals an entire past history of harm done to you.  If all the misfortunes in life were a simple result of random accident, then sheer chance would occasional throw something your way that might actually benefit you.  But you never seem to get anything that helps you.  The black pill is taken when you swallow your pride and realize that nothing good will every happen to you. 

If you cannot win, then the wisest thing is not to give-up – but to desert your post.  If you are facing certain defeat, then you should not surrender – but walk away and go AWOL.  If all is lost, then the most important thing is to save yourself.  Taking the black pill does not ever mean sacrificing yourself, just not living for anyone else.  The bravest man does not die in battle, but goes missing in action. 

There is nothing you can do to slow the decline, so you might as well give things a push on your way out.  You ought to give the rotten structure a final kick as you sneak away.  If the government ever evicts you from the family home, then you might as well leave the gas on when the police finally drag you out.  If you take the black pill, then toss the empty medicine bottle through a neighbor’s window.