Saturday, July 22, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The mass media would like you to think that an outgoing personality is normal; celebrity psychotherapists would like you to believe that there is something seriously wrong with you if you aren’t naturally gregarious.  However, promoting extroversion is more a strategy for concentrating population into urban conglomerations, rather than anything to do with innate human psychology.   In contrast, an anti-social disposition is always more authentic; an asocial bastard is always more genuine.

The liberal elitists want everyone to be extroverted – simply because a friendly person is easier to control.   A sociable citizen is more easily socialized.  Pleasant personalities are for peasants.   Reserved personas are just a bit too rebellious.

If you want to defend your independence, then you need to become a bit more reticent.   It is high time that you tried to make your temperament a bit more introverted.  There are a number of steps that will make you more unsociable.  Here are a few tips to make you much more timid.

Never greet anyone.  There is scarcely a stranger in the world that is worth the effort of saying “hello.”   Never smile to strangers, but maintain a grimace of polite disdain.  If you can successfully ignore other people, then you have gained a victory over them.  Other human beings are like potholes in the road of life – nuisances that you must swerve around if you want to reach your destination.

No matter what somebody might ask of you, the first word out of your mouth should always be “NO.”  Trust me, no one is ever going to offer you anything of value; if someone ever asks a question of you, they are only trying to get something from you.   It doesn’t matter what someone might want; you had better make that flat-out refusal obvious from the start.

If you ever have to say something to another person, make certain that the statement is negative no matter what.  In a culture where the authorities want you to be always positive, you can repel annoying interlopers by asserting something intensely disagreeable.   If your comment is discouraging enough, the busy-bodies might just leave you alone.

If you can’t think of anything unkind to say, then shut the fuck up.  There is a reason why do-gooders exchange pleasantries – to affirm their ties to the community. If you want to cut your shackles to the community, the first thing that you must do is cuss-out the communitarians.

Never reveal anything personal about yourself.  The more that strangers know about you, the more leverage they have against you.  If you are in one of those odd situations in which you must say something about your past, make-up some vague generality that could apply to anyone.   If you let something slip about your past, it will only be used against you.   Keep your private life private.

I wish that existence didn’t have to be this way.  But we live in a society where the government obliges you to have a social-security number and obligates you to pay an income tax – just so that some neighbor can live off your resources. The only way to remain an individualist is to fight back – on the everyday level.   If you are born into a country where you are forced to contribute toward the welfare of other citizens, then the only way to maintain your dignity is to make those same citizens feel wretched.  The reason why so many Westerners think that other taxpayers ought to contribute toward their healthcare is because other people have been too nice to them far to long.

It is about time to fight-back by being unfriendly.  It is not global wars that eliminate cultures, but only through resisting the small social interactions in daily life can this tyrannical altruism ultimately be eradicated.  One well-timed insult can weaken the community more than some random explosion in a shopping mall.  Making other residents feel uncomfortable in the public sphere will do more to weaken bureaucratic oppression than any armed campaign.

If I have made someone feel bad, then I feel that I have accomplished something for the day.  If I have hurt someone’s feelings, then I have done something of consequence.  If I have destroyed someone’s faith, then I have truly achieved something.  If I have made another person miserable, then I have done my civic duty, thank you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Let me tell you a story. Back in June 2014, Conrad Roy III became infatuated with Michelle Carter, a youthful Ice Queen.   She soon became increasingly disenchanted with the romance – and decided to end the affair “with extreme prejudice.”  The most definite way to terminate a relationship is, well … with the death of one of the participants.

Michelle Carter presented an argument for suicide via a succession of comments that she thumb-typed into a cellphone.  After receiving the series of text messages from the lovely Michelle, Conrad killed himself by carbon-monoxide poisoning in a K-Mart parking lot.  A failing discount store was quite the appropriate location for a tawdry demise.  The state of Massachusetts then charged Michelle with involuntary manslaughter, and the dishwater blonde was actually convicted June 2017.

The tale is really about a bitch who sent some ruthless text messages to an ex-boyfriend.  The girlfriend wasn’t even anywhere near the lovesick Roy III when he chose to inhale automotive exhaust – all she ever did was to send him written words through the electronic aether.  That’s it.  She didn’t turn the key in the ignition; she didn’t lock him in the vehicle.  She just typed phrases onto a screen.  Doesn’t matter if her remarks were harsh – doesn’t matter if those comments were a bit hurtful – doesn’t matter if those posts were utterly heartless.  All she actually did was to press letters on a keyboard.

Now, if Mr. Roy began to feel that the text messages were undeserved and unwarranted, he could have done something easy: merely turned off the phone and ignored her unsolicited advice. He could simply have shut off the cellphone. I know, I know, who would have thought of that?

The trouble is that Americans have this schmaltzy, syrupy, slushy view of life – and society has become so wimpy and wussy that most citizens think that we ought to be encouraging human beings to keep alive no matter what.  Even residents of Massachusetts need to stop thinking like pussies.

Not everyone deserves to remain alive.  The world is over-populated, and we do not need to ensure that everyone lingers in existence for … well, “reasons.”

Now, I am sure that plenty of people might say that a depressed Conrad should have sought professional help.  However, if it were wrong for Melissa to tell Conrad what to do with his existence, it would be equally wrong for some psychotherapist to interfere.  If it were wrong for the girlfriend to tell him to end his life, then it would be just as wrong for a psychologist to tell him to continue living.   Logic demands that you use the exact same reasoning in both cases.

Conrad Roy III, the boyfriend, made-up his mind to kill himself not because he was manipulated into taking that final exit – but because he was shown just how useless he truly was.  Sometimes a person reads a sentence that causes him to realize his whole life has been a sham.  He made the decision to die, and it was a good determination.  He picked death, and it was a good pluck.  If someone can be “talked into suicide” via cellphone message – then maybe that person is so weak and worthless that they really don’t need to be loiter on this planet in the first place.

Friday, June 9, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Your life didn’t work out the way you wanted.  Your dreams didn’t happen the way you imagined.  All your ambition ever did was to let you down.  Did you really expect to end up like … like this?

If you remember yourself as a kid and recollect what you envisioned for yourself at this age, you would have to be honest and admit that you are a complete failure.  Think back to what you wanted for yourself and look at yourself now: what a loser.  You are a fucking disappointment to those around you – but, most of all, you are a disappointment to yourself.

Frankly, people expected better of you.   All those years of education were squandered on somebody that never had an original thought in his life.  All those fine meals went to create that repellent slob you see in the mirror.  Dredge-up an image of that repulsive creature you fucked the other night – did you ever expect to be fornicating with something that looked like that?

Don’t even say it.  No, you sure as hell aren’t going to change your ways now.  It is too late to start over.   It is too late for you to live your dreams at this point in your life.  You are simply too old to accomplish anything in the few years you have left.  Just face it, you wasted your whole life.

I know what you are thinking.  Settling for something different doesn’t make me an inferior person, does it?  Compromising on something smaller doesn’t make me less of a person, does it?   It sure as shit does.  You once had a coherent view of your life – and you fucked it up.  All the more reason you are a total loser.

And so what if you have a growing child that you never expected?  Now you are just a failure with an additional mouth to fill.  Breeding is just something else that you should regret having done.  Doctors bury their mistakes, and losers put diapers on their mishaps.  If your life were one of those tests back in grade-school, you would get a failing grade on your existence.

If you had any courage, if you had any genuine moral worth, if you had any guts, the first thing you would do is admit what a worthless piece of shit you truly are.