Monday, November 5, 2012


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You truly begin to love when you finally stalk your soul-mate. Romance only starts when you spend a rainy night looking into the downstairs window of the chosen one. You only realize that you are twin souls when you finally conceal miniature camera in the bedroom of the cherished one. A complete romantic always has a hidden microphone at the ready. It only becomes rapture when you trail your sweetheart’s vehicle through the city streets. If you actually had any genuine passion, you would already have hacked into the beloved’s messages.
The ruling class wants you only to have sentiments that do not disrupt working hours. The bureaucrats do not want you to feel anything that might interfere with TV viewing. The do-gooders certainly don’t want you experiencing anything that might hinder your mandatory community service. But genuine emotions will always threaten the social order.
If your feelings aren't intense enough to stalk the dearest one, then you don’t feel anything of any importance. If your love is not obsessive enough to what to know everything about the most precious one, then your affection is of no consequence whatsoever.


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