Tuesday, August 6, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Tolerance is just a scam to get your complicity; tolerance is just a scheme to get your collusion. Just as a street gang will force every member to leave their fingerprints on a murder weapon, tolerance is just a deceptive way to get you to share the guilt. Tolerance is just a trick to get you involved in something that you know isn’t right.  

You are only required to be tolerant about something that isn’t true—only when things aren’t correct do the leaders demand acceptance. You know better than to be tolerant; being open-minded is just a ploy to get you to take the blame.  

Tolerance is a betrayal of your true self. A genuine individualist will always remain the most goddamn intolerant person that ever walked the earth. If you want to retain your independence of thought, you want nothing to do with tolerance. A man who knows, a man who really knows, a man who truly knows himself has no use for tolerance.

Tolerance is what the slave is expected to feel about his owner’s whimsies. Acceptance is what the servant is expected to display about his master’s orders. A free man always has his prejudices. Intolerance is the sign that a human being still remains an individualist.


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