Friday, January 10, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
The individual is all that matters.

The loner is the center of the world – other human beings only clutter up existence. A lone wolf owes absolutely nothing to society; the community has done nothing but conspire against a true individualist.

Humanitarians are always waiting in the bushes to do things to you. Other human beings are a threat to personal autonomy. Your very neighbors actively work against your own self-reliance.

Not just government bureaucrats scheme to destroy a private citizen’s freedom, nor are there only corporate overloads who plot the destruction of individual liberty, even your closest acquaintances want to destroy your sovereignty with their talk of duties and responsibilities. Your dearest friends are jealous of your independence, and they think you would be better adjusted if you would only just conform. The humanitarians just want you to give up your crazy ideas and just go along with things.

A conformist will always be the first to betray you. A communitarian will always be the fastest to stab you in the back – and tell you that the cut is really for your own good. A humanitarian is always the quickest to denounce you to the authorities. A co-worker is always ready to tell the boss. Never trust a team player; they will make it their life’s business to keep you in line.

The moment you start to trust another human being is when other people begin to work toward your destruction.

All that matters is yourself.


  1. "The loner is the center of the world – other human beings only clutter up existence.".

    I agree with this. I like your style, very interesting blog.

  2. I so agree with this one. Many quotable statements in this one.