Tuesday, February 4, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


In this life, the only political position that need concern you is what benefits you personally.  All that matters is what you can get for yourself. That doesn’t mean you will receive everything you want, since all other residents will be looking out for their own interests at the same time. In the great cosmic scheme of things, with everyone looking out for himself, everything will balance out in the end. Politics is much like a set of old-fashioned balance scales – where the profits of one ethnic group are at a perfect equilibrium with the prosperity of another sub-culture. 

But if you should be sucked into worrying about someone else, you will tip the advantage to their side: their interests will overturn yours – not only harming and hurting your own lifestyle, but overturning these same societal scales. Putting another person ahead of you not only injures and impairs your own standard of living, but concern for others violates the very symmetry of heaven. Altruism upsets the divine calibration. Generosity is the measure of an unbalanced citizen.

The slightest advantage that you give to your opponents will only be used against you. The slightest gain that you allow to your neighbors will only be tuned against you in the end. If you permit others to get equal rights, that slight benefit will be leveraged against you in the years to come. The only civil rights that need concern you are your own.

You take care of your own, and the other guy will take care of his own. All life is struggle. All existence is conflict: a struggle of group against group, neighbors against neighbors, and man against man. The nature of reality is one being contending against another being. Defend your own interests or you won’t have any interests left.

There is no right and wrong – there is only what benefits you and what benefits another person. To help another person is only to harm yourself.



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  1. MS, that's very correct. A rather mild one from you, though! =)

    And I wish these FPTP countries would switch to proportional representation!