Wednesday, May 6, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

When the Native Americans were first hassled and harassed by Anglos brandishing cameras, the tribes are said to have resisted having their pictures taken, claiming that the photos steal the soul. Now that we are living in an age when every shithead wants to take a selfie with his own cell phone – well, it turns out that the Indians were right after all. Photos do, indeed, steal your soul.

A man of dignity avoids being photographed. A man of character does not strike poses in front of a camera lens. A man of honor is not in a hurry to take a snapshot on every frigging occasion. The picture robs your very spirit – it exits right out your big idiotic, shit-eating grin.


  1. But have all those people not been zombies to begin with, establishing their selves through reflections in the absence of self-reflection?

  2. I love Samuel Beckett's writing, but I am very suspicious that in spite of his reputation as a 'recluse' he posed for hundreds of photos in his life. Very suspect.