Tuesday, December 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Doctors get paid whether you live or die. As long as your insurance policy is current, a physician doesn’t care if the treatment kills you or merely prolongs your agony for a decade. However, once the medical industry has extracted all of your financial resources; you aren’t going to survive shit. You live only as long as you can afford to be alive.

Doctors treat patients like a damn nuisance. If it is more convenient for the health-care industry to have you pass away, then you aren’t going to survive the emergency room. A doctor is a busy guy, and his cell-phone deserves more attention than your disgusting ailment. A professional has people to see and places to go, so the physician has far better things to do than smear ointment on your revolting infection.

Doctors amuse themselves at your expense. If an M.D. could get a good laugh watching you parade around in a humiliating outfit, he’ll tell you that you must get undressed and put on a gown. There is a reason why hospital coverings always leave embarrassing parts of your anatomy exposed. All surgeons enjoy a good practical joke every now and then.

Doctors would not hesitate to infect you. If a physician could make an extra buck giving you some incurable disease in a spurious inoculation, he will give you that contaminated vaccine without hesitation. The health-care industry wants returning customers, not spontaneous cures. Once you starting taking official medical treatment, you will not be cured on a single office visit – instead, your treatment will continue for weeks. Never heal today what a patient can suffer until tomorrow.

Doctors subject you to unnecessary surgery. Every patient quickly realizes that the only explanation for all those unnecessary medical tests is to add to the doctor’s commission. If a physician can give you some unneeded drugs just to get on the good side of the pharmaceutical representatives, you will exit that office clutching a couple new prescriptions. If a surgeon could make some additional cash by selling your organs on the black market, you will wake up in the recovery room with some unexpected sutures on your abdomen. We have all heard stories about a chap who goes to a clinic in order to get a boil lanced and ends-up having a kidney removed – and we have seen the scars.   

Medical treatment is not designed to cure you, but to get you to muddle through. After all, if you were entirely free of disease, you wouldn’t have any need for any professional services whatsoever. If you want to get restored to health, then you are going to need a different strategy – you will have to take your own well-being into your own hands. You can seize control of your own health by playing one physician against another: tell an osteopath that your ailment is a bone issue, while you convince an internal medicine specialist that the same affliction is a problem with soft tissue. You are going to have to do your own analysis if you want to survive a visit to the doctor. You are going to have to manipulate the medical system as much as you would any other area of modern life.  

You only trust a physician at your own peril. A doctor is more of a threat to your own health than an untreated disease.


  1. Señor Mean,
    Dr Harold SHipman{s picture shows how a criminal can show a very tender face. Maybe you also need to add Radovan Karadjic,the psychiatrist who plunged the Balkans into a nightmare. Raul

  2. My late father was a doctor and he didnt care about his patients. He anaethetised them day in day out and collected the money. He then anaethetised himself.

  3. Now the health services are groaning under the sheer weight of patients, maybe employ more Drs with psychopathic tendencies?
    Harold Shippman (pic in the post), saved the NHS £'s by culling useless old biddies, who were living the high life off the taxpayer (whilst themselves contributing nothing back).

    1. Haha those bloodsucking old biddies. I like your thinking Tony.

    2. Better yet, legalize euthanasia on demand. That would certainly cull many useless eaters, including myself.

    3. Euthanasia on demand? Not so fast, Unknown. They want to extend your miserable life to be able to suck as much money as possible from you and your insurance company