Sunday, January 17, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

God is one moody and morose entity, and that is precisely why you should be more like Him. God is one angry and annoyed being, and that is exactly why you should be more like Him. God is one malevolent and malicious deity, and that is particularly why you need to become more like Him.

The God of the Old Testament is one vicious and vindictive spirit – and, right now, right at this moment in time, that is just what you need to be.

God will curse your very existence sooner than cure you of an affliction. God will flood the whole globe sooner than feed a hungry guy. God will strike you dead sooner than lift your sorrow

There is one thing about a divine being that you really need to emulate – and that is a fierce selfishness. Jehovah is one self-absorbed entity. God is perfect and damn proud of it. God receives supplications; He doesn’t offer them. God receives praise; He doesn’t give it.

Ain’t nothing nice and cuddly about the Lord. God has burned alive as many believers as He has blessed. So you, then, need to act just as vengeful as your Maker. The creation must never show any more mercy than the Creator.

The world has suffered enough kindness. God does whatever the fuck He pleases, and it is about time that you, as well, stopped worrying about consequences. If smiting is good enough for the Heavenly, then it is good enough for the human. If a decent man is supposed to fear God, then you should live so fully that other people might actually start to fear you.


  1. Yes. Did not Jesus say, 'Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect'.

  2. Bit quiet in here. I would say be more like god would make for a good title of a spiritual self help book. Then the suckers buy it and its all about how to get ahead by being more of a jerk. Haha. Stupid people. Thats all I have.

  3. In my youth, me and other lads would sometimes catch rats from the canal and feed them to rats in another part of the canal. It was during those times I felt closest to God.

    -Samuel Beckett, paraphrased, from a fictional work the name of which escapes me.