Thursday, June 23, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
The future is a nightmare from which we struggle to awaken. Future generations only hold us back from reaching our full potential right now. Your own offspring are just a means of oppressing you in the here and now. There are no greater tyrants than your own posterity.

The notion that we should make the world better for our children only makes things worse for us today. The fancy that we should preserve the environment for generations yet to come just keeps us from fully enjoying life right now. Trying to improve education for the next generation will only increase tax rates on productive adults – but I’d rather keep more of my disposable income and let kids fend for themselves. 

No matter how much taxes increase, things will not be better tomorrow. No matter how much you might want life to be better, things will only be more horrible next year. The future will always be a worse place.  

After all, when, in all of human history, have things ever improved? The idea that society will become better for the next generation is the greatest delusion that human beings tell themselves.

The future can take care of itself. Let’s cut down all the trees. Let’s pump out all the oil. Let’s eat-up all the food. Let’s drink-up all the liquor. Your children will figure out a solution when they become adults; if they don’t, well … maybe they weren’t destined to survive anyway. Maybe it is best to adopt a scorched earth policy toward our descendants. Might as well disown the worthless bastards.

The future is only going to become even more of what it is now: a place of sheer dismay. Nothing can be done to stop the disintegration. The wisest thing we can do is to enjoy a barbecue and a brew as we watch the civilization collapse.


  1. I'm the classic misfit. Don't curse me. Curse my parents... I notice you continue to write "hate kids" posts and give their breeders a pass. Did you breed, Mr. Mean? And btw, I have never drug any offspring into this cesspool world.

    1. Hell no. Got no children whatsoever; had a vasectomy years ago. I put my vas deferens on the chopping block – and I’ve never regretted it.

    2. Me too. Vasectomy is the best thing since sliced bread (or 'sliced breed', rather lol).

  2. when im feeling shitty i see more clearly that you hit the mark with your comments. a little sunrise then a big sunset a little sunrise then an ass pounding but never sun sunny sun.