Friday, July 15, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

After any terrorist attack, you always suffer more if you don’t strike back. If you ever get sucker-punched, then you are only going to get pummeled if you don’t pound back.

Whenever the Muslims execute a single Christian, Westerners need to eradicate a dozen Jihadists. You fight fire with fire. You fight violence with even greater violence.

Nothing dumber than a moment of silence after a terrorist slaughter; the only eulogy that you want to hear will be the sound of your foes being executed. In the old days, the victims would have sought revenge; in these diverse times, the pansies are carrying around teddy bears. A hundred years ago, real men would have demanded the criminal’s blood; now the liberals only want to show how sensitive they are.  Tolerance is only going to result in further terrorism. Acceptance is only going to produce another assault.  

If you hold a candlelight vigil after the latest massacre, you are only going to look frail. And feebleness is only going to encourage them to finish your off. It would be better to see one additional private citizen with an assault rifle, than an entire community carrying floral arrangements. You need to leave your balloons at home, and start taking your bazookas out into the streets. If you don’t show any backbone on the boulevard, then it is just a matter of time before your intestines get smeared on the sidewalk.

If you have any respect for yourself, it’s time for a backlash.


  1. Mr. Mean, have you ever read the novel The Camp of the Saints, written by the French author Jean Raspail way back in 1973? It's about the "peaceful" invasion and destruction of a West that has lost the will to resist by a massive Third World migration. Brilliantly prophetic!

    1. Astonishingly accurate prediction of the end of Western civilization.

    2. One day the men from the East will water their camels on the banks of the Rhine.
      - Otto von Bismark.

  2. Another spot on Article, I'm a fan now. Trying to make time to go through your archives, good stuff.

  3. Might is Right. Everything boils down to being able to project your power against your enemies.