Sunday, August 14, 2016


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If you sign the contract, then you deliver the product – whether you lose money or not. If you buy a ticket, then you take the ride – whether you want to go anywhere or not. If you order the meal, then you eat the food – whether you like what is on your plate or not. If you unwrap the condom, then you fuck the girl – whether the fat slut is attractive or not.

If you, foolish female, promise to love someone forever, then you keep your word – whether you are happy or not. If you, filthy human, have contracted some hideous disease, then you resign yourself to having your skin covered by pustules – whether you want to be oozing pus or not. If you, stupid reader, have committed some horrific sin on this planet, then you go to hell with a smirk on your lips – whether you repent with all your heart or not.

Life is something you withstand. If you are enjoying yourself, then you aren’t doing existence right. There is something flat-out undignified about being joyful.

Delight is only going to get in the way of daily survival. If you are looking for happiness in life, you aren’t ever going to find it anyway – so it is always best to content yourself with pulling your hat down and just making it through the storm. Ultimately, more genuine fulfillment is going to be discovered in withstanding the downpour. Honor is only going to be found in seeking adversity, not searching for ecstasy.

If your life is bleak, then sanctuary is only going to be had in the blackest part of the forest. It is always in the darkest spot that is best to hide. You can best safeguard your own personality by living the most austere existence possible.

Feeling uneasy demonstrates that you have truly understood something about the nature of this world. Anguish leaves your very presence marked by a sense of majesty. You only survive from one day to the next by an attitude of resignation.


  1. I "deserve" to suffer because of a decision made by my parents in July of 1959. They decided a few minutes of carnal pleasure was worth potentialy bringing a new human being into the world. They created a debt contract which I did not sign. My misery is just paying off the interest. The capital will be cleared when I croak. The latter is looking better all the time.

    1. Can't wait until I'm gone from this futile affair.

  2. If you're enjoying life, you just aren't looking closely enough.