Thursday, February 16, 2017


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


Life either has meaning or it doesn’t.

If existence has no deeper meaning, then you might as well stop reading and go do whatever the hell you want. It doesn’t matter.   It doesn’t matter if you go fuck yourself or go fuck the world over.   It doesn’t make any difference.

If, however, reality does have some sort of significance, then that meaning may not necessarily be something that you would particularly like.  The truth might not be something that you would ever want to hear.

The meaning of life may not be a good thing.  The meaning of life may not be nice.  If the meaning of life were “happiness,” then I would wager that your own life would be a lot happier.  If the meaning of life were “joy,” then it would follow that your own existence would be a hell of a lot more joyful.  The significance of life may not be “love” or “kindness” – or anything else that the mass media tells you.  If the authorities tell you to focus on the “positive,” then the genuine meaning is going to be found in what the elite would rather that you not explore – the “negative.”

The meaning of life is going to be discovered in what the do-gooders tell to avoid.  The meaning of life is going to be exactly that element of the human personality that everyone refuses to accept.  The meaning of life is going to be discerned in precisely that part of the human psyche that no one wants to acknowledge.  Meaning is always something that you are unable to face.

The meaning of life is malevolence.   The meaning of life is malice.  All you have is misery, my friend – and that misfortune is the solution to the question of a meaning to existence.

Human beings are on this planet for one reason and one reason only.  We are here to hate.


  1. Hey Mr Mean, have you considered assembling these blogs posts into book form? I talked one of my favorite bloggers into doing this, and he now sells it on Amazon.

    1. You are one damn perceptive reader, I’ll give you that. Yes, I would have already completed such a book last year, if I weren’t such a worthless lazy fuck.

  2. This pill...

  3. nice entry..and another top slice of artwork, i LOVE you mms.

  4. What I hate today.
    1. I hate the last post made by a retard over at Karls dead posting my comment again here.... This guy is fucking stupid and clueless. He says he had no right to bring a child into the world and then goes on to say..."And as beautiful as he was and as great as it was to have him in our lives, I hope and pray (ha!) that I'll never do that again. It's not fair. The next one could die too, or worse." ....hey retard, you dont have to hope and pray it doesnt happen again, you just stop those babies coming out your wifes vagina. Get it? You FAILED to protect your son for all your big noting of your fatherly abilities and its just plain stupid to run over and kill your child in your own driveway. Thats not an accident. Thats negligence. Yes I know it was his wife but so what. Still dumb parenting.
    2. I hate the shithead that didnt thank or acknowledge me for leaving my work and going over to the entrance to let him in.
    3. I hate that my coworker ia a fat short tub of lard that wobbles around and doesn't do his job properly and makes my job harder.
    4. I hate the fishmonger for having a better physique than me. And I hate that that quality alone makes him more attractive to the shallow opposite sex.
    5. I hate the same retarded mentally ill man who races around the supermarket at 6am in the morning like some kind of paranoid bird like creature.
    6. And my shift is only 2 hours old and I could list more but I will conclude by saying there are definitely qualities about you, reader, which make me look at you with contempt. Yes I hate you

    1. If one were looking for reasons to loathe the entire human race, the average woman’s choice in lovers is enough to make one into a life-long misanthrope. The female’s preference for certain sexual partners is sufficient to make one hate all humanity.

    2. An excellent Misanthropy 101 course can be a trip to your local Walmart. Especially if you live in a "diverse" area.

  5. I hate you. I am reading your older texts in my local bar (drunk as fuck) and crying for your honestly (you lying b#####). You are so honest in your nonsense. You are realy telling the "truth". (If there is any truth)

    F**k you mr Mean Spirited or as we say in my exotic mother-tongue Haista paska hra. Ilkeä-Mielinen!

    You are the best!