Monday, June 25, 2018


John Grauerholz has a mean-spirited tale in TERROR HOUSE MAGAZINE.  Come take at peek ….


  1. I am actually kind of afraid to ask if the story is true. So I won't. But it had the grittiness of say the least.

  2. Reading your profile at the end of your tale made me want the mentioned book. When will it come out? WILL it happen? And how would I be able to obtain a copy here in Brazil?

    1. Print version will be available on Amazon. If I am feeling especially benevolent, there might even be a Kindle version – but I don’t trust texts unless they are fixed on paper.

      Every post on this blog, every frigging essay is first written out by hand on a yellow pad. I might correct some misspellings – and I may edit a paragraph here and there, but these words are something that I once touched.

      It takes time.

  3. Mr. Grauerholz, i am reading your blog since 3-4 years maybe and i really strongly suspect that i have mushroom infection in the crotch too, what a coincidence.

    The itch comes and goes, it is not that clearly visible.

    The psychological strain is not strong enough yet to push me to the doctor but it is strong enough to confess it in the internet to people i never met. Maybe my immune system is fucked up too.

    Can you recommend me something to solve the problem without going to the doctor? (I went in the past to the doctor and let it cured with a lotion that you put on, after taking a shower but the damn infection came back).

    I am desperate on this life, i wish i was never born damn it, what a misery and calamity.
    I am nearly 31 years old now, no wife, no kids, shitty job as an IT-support asshole. I worked in different jobs but could never befriend working in general, i hate it ferociously to wake up and work everyday like a fucking robot. For what? It's so hard to earn the cost of living, i feel like i came late to a monopoly game, everything is sold in this world already and i am a slave wherever i go.

    1. The important question about jock itch is not how to cure it; you should be asking how you got it in the first place. Sure, antifungals like Diflucan might eliminate the symptoms, but the infection is just going to return unless you know exactly how you contracted the affliction.

      Like almost every other ailment, you can trace your contagion back to a deficiency in female hygiene.

    2. I visited brothels, this explains everything i guess...
      Thank you for response.