Monday, April 29, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Hope is one of those sentiments that are so revered by liberal politicians precisely because it sounds noble and says nothing. Do-gooders won't shut-up about hope because the notion can be used to manipulate the population into doing anything. There are few techniques more useful to manage the general public than instilling optimism.

Hope is cowardly. Hope is for people who are not brave enough to deal with the world as it is. Hope is a desperate way of keeping yourself from having to face the horrors of reality dead-on. It takes some mental determination to recognize the misfortunes in this life, but it requires considerably more courage to realize that there is nothing whatsoever that can be done about such misery. It takes a certain moral sturdiness to become aware of the injustices of this existence, but it requires even greater strength of will to acknowledge that there is nothing at all that can be done about such injuries.

Hope is the symptom of a weak mind. Hope is the most psychologically destructive feeling that society can force upon the individual; the feeble intellect is always the most optimistic. The more crippled the citizen, the stronger his faith in a miraculous recovery. Once the guy in the hospital bed gets around to hoping for a cure, you know the patient is just about to go room-temperature. By the time you hope, the condition is terminal. All that is needed for a cancer victim to succumb to a fatal hemorrhage is a glimmer of hope.

Hope is an illusion. Hope wants you to focus your allegiance on a vision of reality that does not—and cannot exist. Hope is a world of imaginary perfections and imagined plenitude. Optimism makes you unable to deal with the reality that surrounds you. To be hopeful is to live in a pretentious and pretended world. Faith weakens you—makes you unable to recognize the nature of society as it exists right now. Rather than adapting to the current environment, the pompous humanitarians try to get you focused on some made-up vision of the future. Hope gets you watching for pink unicorns in the backyard when you really should be more concerned about a neighbor breaking-in a basement window.

Hope goes against logic. The concept of hope doesn't make sense from a philosophical position. Look, if a product were damaged in the manufacturing phase, it is not going to be miraculously repaired during the shipping process—no matter how devoutly employees might hope. If it is broken, hope is not going to fix it. Hope is as preposterous as a hemorrhoid suffer expecting a spontaneous cure in mid-shit.

If God cared about you, then you would not be suffering in the first place; if the Creator did not prevent a tragedy at the beginning, then such an entity would never give a crap about making things better down the road. If, for instance, God wasn't there to keep you out of an automobile accident at the moment of collision, then the Almighty certainly isn't going to respond to your hope for recuperation.

If the government really wanted you to be happy, then you would never have been suffering such deprivations to begin with; if the establishment allowed the problem to arise at the start, then the ruling class certainly isn't interested in remedying the situation at this point. If, for example, the judicial system stuck you on death row, then you aren't going to see anything favorable by hoping for a reprieve from that same system. If hope were not present at the origin of the problem, then encouragement will not be found somewhere down the line.

Hope is a form of social-control. A hopeful citizen believes he can do great things, just so long as he is told exactly what those things are. Like a magician's slight-of-hand, when a humanitarian claims to look on the bright side, the altruist insists that your eyes must also be focused in that same direction. Hope functions just like misdirection in a stage show—optimism is the way that the altruist deceives you into believing in his con game. When a do-gooder decides that the glass is half-full, he is going to insist that your own beverage be limited to that size portion. Optimism allows the altruist to work a societal shell game. Hope makes you less able to function in the reality around you; hope keeps you from seeing what the idealists have hidden from you. Hope is the way that do-gooders keep you in your place.

Just when you are on the verge of becoming aware of the corruption of the ruling humanitarians, you are instead told to hope for a future age of economic equality. Just when you are on the brink of seeing the liberal repression at work, you are instead required to be hopeful about a future era of social justice. Optimism is how the idealists keep the general public content and incomprehending.

Hope is a tool of mind control. Hope is merely the packaging that mass media uses to get you to accept their brainwashing. The way that the liberal establishment controls a weak mind is to inspire hope. You can never manipulate a free man by appealing to his self-interest; the fulfillment of an individual's desires can be instantaneously measured and metered. Instead, you control a citizen by indoctrinating him to become an idealist; hope is all about future conditions that cannot be immediately verified. Telling your victim that his sacrifice will contribute to some ethereal progress is always the most certain way of ensuring obedience. Hope never has to be calibrated and calculated, so being hopeful can be used to mean whatever the establishment might desire to implant in your personality.

Hope is an act of conformity. You are judged as a proper citizen by how closely your hopes mimic those ideals of the ruling establishment. You are a good person only so long as you hope for the right things. A correct liberal only hopes for what he is told. While it is theoretically possible to wish that your neighbor might drop dead, this would not be an approved hope; instead, you've got to be hopeful about something that is socially acceptable. There is a reason why the media tells you to be hopeful about stuff like world peace—so that you can become part of the global hive. You've got to be sure that your hopes are in fashion. Being hopeful is all about fitting in, being hopeful is all about coming together. Optimism is a matter of being suitably obedient.

Hope results in busy work. An optimistic communitarian fanatically wants to be doing something, something greater than himself - even though all those frantic doings never actually accomplish anything. So a hopeful citizen enters charity marathons just to” raise awareness” or embellishes their clothing with colored ribbons merely to “show support.” This desperate need for activity leaves such cheerful followers vulnerable to outside manipulation. A hopeful man never will have anything to show for all his bluster. A positive frame of mind amounts to nothing but lather and blather.

There is a reason why politicians in totalitarian democracies insist that the voters must have hope—so that they citizens will keep busy filling-out a ballot, not taking-up arms against the establishment. A hopeful citizen is a docile taxpayer. There is a reason why religious denominations require that their members have hope, so that the believers do not ever realize how they have been hoodwinked by the hierarchy. A hopeful Christian pays his tithes without complaint and does not ask questions.

Hope creates not victors, but very busy victims. If you want to make you opponent unresisting to your assault, just give him hope. It is not military defeat, but hope that ultimately subjugates the human spirit. Optimism makes a person compliant; hope is an act of submission.

Hope goes against nature. Ultimately, life never turns out benevolent and bestowing; instead, existence becomes ever more distressing and disagreeable. Optimism is a violation of the very order of the natural world: every living thing is going to deteriorate and die—hope is not going to change your imminent demise. Hope is not going to stop you from growing old. If you truly saw things for what they are, you would not be quite so hopeful. As distressing as things now are, conditions are never going to be better than they are at this instant; hope just keeps you from discovering how dire the situation really is. Accept the worst in life and you will never be disappointed.
You can be sure of one thing: whatever you are hoping for is exactly what you're never going to get. Hope is a way of jinxing the rest of your existence. Better to seize the things that want you want out of life than just hope for stuff. The moment you can see a glimpse of hope is the instant when you have already lost. There's got to be something wrong with a man who still has hope left in him.

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  1. This is an awesome post Mr. Mean Spirited. No holds barred, unflinchingly honest and very,very true. Keep writing.