Thursday, April 4, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Even the dumbest among us can sense that tyranny is coming, but it takes a few more brain cells to recognize that such oppression never originates from some dictator who wants absolute power, but from hundreds of community organizers who just want to make the world better. When the last of your freedoms are totally lost, that servitude will not arise from foreign invaders, but progress from do-gooders who just want a few more regulations to improve your daily life. When censorship is fully implemented, that repression will not emerge from a government computer program that scrutinizes the internet, but from thousands of idealists who just want to stop hate. When mind control is finally perfected, that manipulation will not come through microwaves from the Central Intelligence Agency, but through news stories that just want to motivate you to do what is right. When the last of your wealth is ultimately stolen, those looters will not be gunmen in armored vehicles, but non-violent humanitarians who only want to raise tax rates just enough to feed the hungry.

Just as there is a no more cruel torture than death by a thousand cuts, so there is no more certain totalitarianism than despotism by a thousand compassions.

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  1. I found this post as well as others quite refreshing, especially the other about the hatred of God.