Monday, July 7, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
When authority-figures pledge that things will get better, they are simply repeating the cruelest lie. When the establishment preaches that life will improve, they are only reciting a depraved falsehood.

I’ve got news for you. Things never better; they only get worse. If things do change, they just get more terrible. If you are hurting today, you will suffer even more tomorrow. If you are being brutalized right now, then you can only expect even more abuse in the days to come.

Your oppressors torture you because they enjoy it. A tyrant’s behavior is not miraculously going to alter just so you can feel better about yourself. Your tormentors get such a kick out of beating you down that they are only going to use more force on the next occasion. 

Don’t believe me. Just take all look at who is making all these empty promises – it is always the authorities claiming that things are progressing that are actually the same people committing all the persecution. It is usually the counselors themselves who perpetrate the worst of this harassment.

Think back to your own past: have circumstances ever once improved – or have conditions always worsened for you? So why the fuck would you expect the future to be any different?

Your existence is not going improve, but become even more dreadful. Suffering never ends; it just gets more severe. Once the anguish enters your flesh – the agony does not end, but only gets more horrible. Once the puncture starts, it only goes deeper. The pain just pushes further into you. Once the bruises begin, the battering never stops, but only increases.

Just when you imagine it can’t get any more awful, fate has a way of adding a little intensity. Some bodies are simply born to bleed. Some throats are only made for screams.


  1. And as Thomas Ligotti said, some people are born to fear.

  2. You generalization is very broad. The reason that "things get will get" better lie works is because things do get better sometimes.

    1. They get better for a fleeting moment, fooling you into thinking things are better from now on, but then more shit happens. It's the deprivation game of life: deprived, satisfy the deprivation, deprived again, satisfy again, etc. etc.