Saturday, August 2, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

When a missionary doctor went off to minister to the afflicted of Liberia and then got himself inevitably infected by the Ebola virus – his diseased body was airlifted back to Atlanta by bureaucratic bleeding hearts. It is important to realize that this meddling medic saved no African lives whatsoever with his hapless healing, and his hemorrhagic-fever souvenir puts the entire population of the United States in danger. The same principles of disease prevention that were followed and failed in the Tropics will now be tried in Georgia - with the same predicable result.  

What happens in Africa should stay in Africa.  Pretty clear that God intended for Third-World ailments to remain in the Third World. None of the expense, none of the danger to American medical personnel would have happened if the foreign interloper had left his charity at home. Exotic illnesses would never sweep across the world if human beings didn’t stick their noses into other people’s business.

This epidemic would never have spread to the American continent if this do-gooder wasn’t messing around in stuff that didn’t concern him. This infected intern is the perfect example of the menace that humanitarians pose to society – altruists themselves always present the greatest threat to the survival of Western civilization. This pestilential physician is the best illustration that helping others will, in the long run, only hurt yourself. The desire to heal others will ultimately harm yourself. Trying to relieve the sickness of others only puts your own safety at risk. Best to keep your distance from other people’s suffering.

Kindness to strangers will almost always end-up killing yourself. Minding your own business is not just a matter of common sense – but an essential element of public health. For the survival of American culture itself, there will come a time when idealists will have to be put down like rabid dogs.


  1. 'Justice consists in minding your own business' - Plato

  2. Another Good Samaritan is taking consequences.