Wednesday, August 13, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


If you want your prayers to get results, you will need to display the same sort of ruthlessness as in any other human activity. Supplication is not for sissies. Prayer is not for pansies. Worship is not for Goddamn wimps. You must pray mightily if you want to attain divine mastery.

If a couple different individuals pray for the exact same target, obviously the two petitioners cannot both receive the same positive answer – so it is first necessary to vanquish your opponent’s prayers before your appeal can get results. If you are praying for the winning ticket in the lottery, there are thousands of other believers with that same supplication on their lips – but only one worshipper will ultimately end up with the grand prize. Just as counter-intelligence is designed to neutralize foreign spying, so there must be a system of counter-prayer designed to neutralize an opponent’s wishes.

It is not the whim of some supernatural being that impels a favorable response to a prayer – as much as it the internal configuration of the invocation itself that will bring fulfillment. It is not divine whimsy that grants success to a petition; instead, it is the accurate formation of a prayer that guarantees an advantageous response. When it comes to religion, proper design is more important than devotion. When it involves ritual, precise structure is more important than sincerity.

Counter-prayer might be defined as a strategy of demolishing and dismantling your opponent’s supplications. Before you pray for something, you must first prey upon someone. Consequently, it is necessary to get rid of the competition if you want your prayers to bring home the goods. You must first neutralize the prayers from your fellow believers before you will see any positive results.  

First, you must want and wish and will the utter destruction of all your rivals in supplication. If you aren’t pleading for someone’s death, then you aren’t really praying. You simply aren’t doing religion if you aren’t imploring the utter devastation of your enemies. Your prayers must slaughter hogs if you want to bring home the bacon.

Second, in order that your own destruction is not attained through someone else’s prayer, you must next damage the supplications of your religious rivals. Counter-invocation prevents your competitor’s prayers from making any difference. If your supplications have never been successful, now you know why – inference from fellow believers.

Just as a customer at a singles’ bar must first frustrate any rivals in order to bring home a date for the night, so the believer must first destroy his neighbor’s prayers. Counter-prayer will prevent your supplications from being cock-blocked by an interfering congregation. The most certain means of sabotaging a contender’s supplication is to encourage the adversary to employ the wrong supernatural format. Your brother’s prayers must be nullified by a sort of cybernetic virus— you must first corrupt your neighbor’s faith in order for your own orations to emerge triumphant. Just as in a computer program, you must insert a logic bomb into the supplications of your antagonist.

In order that your own prayers bring home the groceries, you must spoil your opponent’s chances. In order that your prayers attain the desired merchandise, you must be certain that your neighbor’s utterance will fail. Your prayers aren’t ever going answered if there is any competition for the prize. In order that your own prayer might emerge victorious, you need to ensure that your challenger’s supplication is completely destroyed. You must bring ruination upon your fellow believers and implant ruin in their very prayers.

Just as only the fittest creatures survive in biological evolution, the same sort of natural selection is always at work in prayer.  Think of it as a kind of spiritual Darwinism, where only the strongest supplications manage to receive answers. Mercy doesn’t enter into prayer any more than anything else in life. Triumphant orison is red in tooth and claw.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and nowhere is that more true than prayer. It’s a kill-or-be-killed sort of environment on earth as it is in heaven.


  1. The media's job is to "insert the logic bombs in" the thinking process of the populace. It is relatively easy to notice that the media constantly teaches people to be good Samaritans, to volunteer, to help others out of sense of altruism or to suck up abuses. Behind this propaganda, I see efforts of the concerned establishment to prevent popular distrust in the system from reaching the critical level when the system is no longer manageable. The existence of the concern is the prima facie evidence that the abuse is not accidental, but intentional.
    Being cognizant of the allegorical nature of your post, I would say that the best counter-prayer is not to pray at all. Instead, encourage your opponents to do so. Let them learn the law of divine redistribution to "Give to everyone who asks of [them], and whoever takes away what is [theirs], do not demand it back.…"(Luke 6:29). This is how you get what they “do not demand back”.

  2. You're a big fat liar.