Tuesday, December 23, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Where the fuck did you ever get the idea that you are supposed to enjoy life? Anything that is not going to allow you to make it out alive certainly won’t be very enjoyable along the way. Any existence that has every creature dying from disease or injury will obviously not have any genuine happiness for the duration.  Anything that has you dead when it is all-seen-and-done surely won’t be much fun in the process.

If you reflect upon it, the mass media certainly does seem to make an inordinate effort telling everyone that the objective of life is to be happy – but like most things in this world, the truth isn’t always what the establishment wants you to believe.  Reality is often the complete opposite of what everyone is telling you.

Think of it in this way: life is a bit like an airplane flight – it doesn’t matter if you fly first-class or coach; it doesn’t matter if you join the mile-high club en route; it doesn’t matter how many perks you get while the airliner is in the sky if you still know that you are going to crash and burn upon landing.  It doesn’t matter what you might have done on your vacation – look, if you die in an accident at the end, it wasn’t a good trip.  If you know with dead certainty that you are not going to make it out alive, then only an idiot would enjoy himself along the ride.

Imagine it like this: if you end-up expiring after eating the final course at a five-star restaurant, it doesn’t matter if you just consumed the most gourmet dinner in the world.  If you die of food poisoning after shoving the ingredients into your mouth, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the fixings.  It doesn’t matter how many truffles you were able to stuff down your throat – you’re still going to have a bad taste in your mouth. If you ending up lying face down in the pasta, you didn’t have a very good meal.  But it gets worse, if you know for certain you are going to die at the last course, only someone mentally ill is going to enjoy the supper.

Look at it like this: it doesn’t matter what you did in bed; if your latest fornication leaves you infected with AIDS, it wasn’t a good fuck.  It doesn’t matter how many sexual fantasies you might have fulfilled; if you end up with an incurable disease from your latest copulation, things didn’t go well in the real-world insertion.  If you know the sex is going to be deadly, then only a fool is going to be enjoying the sensations.

Let me put it to you like this: it doesn’t matter how many good times you imagine you might have had in a marriage; if your spouse kills you while you are asleep, it wasn’t a very healthy relationship.  Only someone with mental issues would tell you to focus on the good times.  Only a very sick mind would tell you enjoy each day as it comes.

Logically, if you know that existence will only end up killing you, then only an imbecile would consider the interval to be happy.  If you know that things are going to end badly, then there is something wrong with you if you are enjoying the life sentence.  

To think that happiness is the objective of life is a deluded way of living. If you know that you are going to die no matter what, then happiness in life is a form of mental illness. The part about moldering in the grave is going to put a damper on everything that comes before. If you know that it is all going to end in a coffin no matter what, then it doesn’t make sense to enjoy any of the outdoor exercise you had while digging your own grave.


  1. That was quite a refreshingly honest perspective. People who search for happiness as meaning are generally on a fool’s errand.

  2. This is a very direct attack on life. Powerful argument. I repeat Rafa: Bravo!

  3. Damn right!

    The journey life's all supposed to be about is either a death march or a death row (I'm "lucky" to sit out the latter); either way, it's always a death sentence (climaxing torment included). How dare one ask from us to be appreciative of the capital punishment that is given? No matter how mild, it's nothing close to clemency. And indeed, what kind of daze does it take to be glad all throughout having the queue in front of you growing shorter?

    1. Read recently that they can't get the anaesthetic for executions anymore, so they are looking at other methods such as firing squad. The anaesthetic in question that is no longer manufactured is, I believe, of the class of barbiturates that they've banned, so people can't end their lives without suffering. Now we all get to suffer for the state's pleasure. :/

  4. Subarashi! I had to write in Japanese just to describe the amazement of perusing such an honest perspective!

  5. "....only an idiot would enjoy himself along the ride." Or, would an moron, just complain and refuse any tiny bit of pleasure all the way to nothingness?!

    Not to mention (or to,).... Schopenhauer said it with a hundreds fewer words, "UNLESS suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must entirely fail of its aim."

    Butts, would we be an moron or a idiot to refuse to enjoy the truffles when we had no choice to eat them....?!

    1. The element of compulsion takes all the pleasure out of something. Saying that a person should just enjoy the sensations of existence would be like telling a rape victim just to lie back and savor the experience.