Thursday, December 11, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
I don’t know what it means when the mass media issues commands that we must “all come together” – but I instinctively recognize that I don’t want any of it. I am not sure exactly what liberals want when they insist that we must “join together” – but I instinctively realize that I don’t want it happening to me. I still don’t understand what government wants when it orders me to “be part of the community” – but I instinctively react against their communal indoctrination. Busybodies will do many unpleasant things to a human being in this life, but nothing is more unfortunate than ending up “united.” Community organizes are working on you for the same reason that the ranch hands go after the stock. Millions of years of evolution have taught me not to be part of any herd. Socialist collectives are merely an attempt to get human beings to revert to all-fours. The do-gooders try to round-up citizens the same way ranchers corral the beasts right before the slaughter. Coming together is always just a short distance from the abattoir.  

All I want from society is to be left alone. Next time that some social worker pounds on my door – I will kick him in the balls before he gets his compassion around me. Just try and lasso me with your empathy and you’ll feel my instep on your testacles. All that I ask of the bureaucrats is to keep their good intentions away from my body. A liberal helps a citizen the way a rancher assists his livestock with a cattle prod.


  1. "I wouldn't want to join any club that would have someone like me as a member."

  2. The social worker will be female, and have a checklist to boot!

    1. ...and an advocate of breast feeding in public.

  3. I agree. What they really mean when they ask people to come together is to line up and listen to their orders.