Friday, February 20, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


I’ve never made any secret about being a misogynist. I freely admit that I hate women. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. It may come as a surprise, then, for me to say that I also hate men just as much – maybe I loathe males even more (since being of that same gender, I know their repulsive habits even better).

Yes, sir, I am a misandrist. I hate men. Male hypocrisy does not escape my gaze.

I hate men for their constant lies. I despise males for their continual dishonesty. A bloke will say anything to gain entry to a girl’s snatch. A fellow will pretend anything to get access to a woman’s orifice. Look, no crotch in creation is worth the effort to make something up. Hell, it’s just a groin – there isn’t any shortage of pussy in this world; there are billions of those gashes on this planet alone.  

I hate men for their repulsive smell. Males seem to fancy that it is possible to disguise their repellent stench from the fairer sex, but no one is fooled. Men can drench themselves with all the cologne in the universe, and their bodies will still reek of sweat. No one is ever deceived by air fresheners. If a guy has to make himself smell like a pine forest, then he must be covering-up something pretty rank.

I hate men for their pitiful grooming. The more a fellow tries to spruce himself up, the more desperate he appears. The more a chap tries to make himself look better, the more phony his features. A man never looks balder then when he is wearing a hairpiece. A male never looks more awkward than when he tries to make himself more presentable.

I hate men for thinking that they can fix things. The more a bloke tries to repair an object, the quicker it wears out. The more a guy tries to mend an item, the more it is irreparably damaged. The more a person attempts to conceal his flaws, the more attention he draws to his defects. The more a boyfriend tries to fix a romance, the more fake becomes his emotional expression.

I hate men for not acknowledging their stupidity. Males will go to any length to keep from admitting their idiocy. I just wish that, for once, a gentleman would accept that his mental power isn’t all that great. Any fellow who would waste that much money on a woman certainly can’t be all that bright.

I hate men for their brotherhood. I loathe the way a chap’s voice deepens when he greets another fellow. I don’t trust your liberty, I don’t want your equality – but, most of all, I despise your fraternity. I am revolted by the masculine need for social rank. I want none of it.

I hate men for the way they debase themselves just to con a woman into bed. I loathe males for degrading themselves to procure a lady’s favors. A guy will prostrate himself just to empty his prostate. Men will demean themselves just to discharge a seminal blockage.

Most of all, I hate males for their appalling lack of dignity when they are around women. Modern men really need to buck-up more than just arrange another fuck. Arousal isn’t worth the effort.


  1. Replies
    1. True enough. Some blog posts are going to be on the crap side of things, and this is certainly one. But to remain logically consistent, sometimes shit needs to be said.

    2. I disagree with M - this post is one of the best. As you said, to get a pussy, men will debase, degrade, prostrate or demean themselves. Only someone who is not afraid to be honest with oneself could have said it. You said what I was thinking all along, but was unable to articulate as eloquently as you do. Maybe I am asking too much, but how did you learn to write so well?

  2. You might be letting us off a little too lightly there, but I admit to harboring similar sentiments about our gender. Hugely entertaining stuff to read even if, or maybe especially when, my liberal programming objects to it on some level. Well done, sir.

    Human Relations 1932

    1. Yes, so much more hate could be defended, because the worst imaginable is always some other man: it's always a he who wants everything you want and vows to do the most evil onto you. If rational men ally, it's against other men -- the worst. Special loathing should go to those masculists defending "male rights" they couldn't exercise for themselves.

  3. Great piece.

    There is no solidarity amongst men (it only exists in their minds), and brotherhood is just another survival mechanism that usually furthers their own personal agendas (i.e. they use it as social proof, building contacts, and other shit). Woe betide any male who sees this for what it is, as you better get use to your own company...

  4. Same could be said with any unenlightened person trying to get anything they want, it's rediculous that people will do 100 things they don't want to do in order to get one thing they do want, then wonder why they're still unhappy once they got that one coveted object then realize theyve sold out, this could be used as a metaphor for any gender perusing the things they want. Learn about the intracacies of duality to learn the patterns of yourself and others, you will first learn it in order to gain advantage over others then will laugh at the big joke you will discover. Afterwords you will have nothing left but empathy and self understanding. You are not enlightened yet, I used to think just like you do lol this reminds me of something I would have wrote 10 years ago

    1. Well … with all this talk of stuff like “intricacies of duality,” it does sound like you might possibly have regressed over the last 10 years.