Saturday, February 28, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You don’t want to be gathered in any group. You don’t want to be caught any crowd. If you are ever asked to join anything, you should be elbowing your way toward the nearest emergency exit.

Freedom is not what you will ever get if you enroll in a political party. Education is the last thing you are going to get in any classroom. Liberation isn’t going to be what happens when you enlist in the army. Heaven isn’t the place where you end-up if you are part of any congregation. You aren’t going anywhere if you are standing in line.

Groucho Marx would never join any club that would have him as a member. Good on him. You should take that injunction a bit further – and never go near any environment where clubs are lying in wait. Whether sticks or social groups, clubs will only be used against you.

A church wants to get you signed-up so that your confessions can be used ensure your obedience. Whatever a denomination learns about you will ultimately be leveraged against you. Come to think of it, any organization will use what they can to blackmail you into submission. Whatever the community knows about you will ultimately be turned against you. Once a member, always a member.  

If you are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow citizens, the only thing you are going to take home is a case of head lice. If you are ever tempted to join your neighbors and go hand-in-hand into the future, the only thing you are going to get out of it is a social disease.

A true individualist is always going to remain on the fringes of any society – an independent soul is not quite a wild man in the forest, but certainly not a productive member of society either. An enlightened man is not going to be found on the membership rolls of any denomination, but a wise fellow isn’t going to be paling around with the atheist crowd either.

If you ever join an institution, then you are tied to the establishment. If you are going to belong to something, then you are owned by the collective.  

Whenever two people cooperate, whenever two personalities work together, each participant loses a piece of his soul. Whenever a grown man carries a membership card, that human being will never get that individuality back. Whenever you get enrolled in an organization, you never get your independence back again. Any collective will inevitably destroy your character.

No matter what society promises, you don’t want to get involved.


  1. "If you are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow citizens, the only thing you are going to take home is a case of head lice." One for the anthologies!

  2. I'd like to take that further, and include relationships. I want no attachments to this world, and someday, the last one will be severed.

  3. More than one person always ensures a pecking order; a hierarchy that soon manifests itself.

  4. I think that "You are not a team-player" comes from this category.

    1. Yeah.... "There is no 'I' in team"... Lol!

  5. It's impossible to disagree with everyone, someone out there will agree with you, the minute that happens you get validation, and perhaps a friend. And as you find more like minded people boom you have a group, who else would read this? If you were 100% original no one would every agree with your blogs, this blog in itself is an oxymoron, if you hate others that much why post this blog? Keep it in a private journal.