Tuesday, March 31, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

If no one ever helped you in life, then you don’t ever need to help anyone else.

If humanity never assisted you, then you don’t owe anyone squat. If no human being ever took pity on you, then you don’t need to be compassionate toward anyone.

If your neighbors never gave you food when your stomach was empty, then you don’t ever need to feed to the hungry. If no acquaintance ever offered you a dollar, you don’t need to hand four quarters to an impoverished stranger.

If no woman ever once cared about your feelings, you do not have to worry about hurting any other female. If no other human ever tried to make you happy, you don’t need to concern yourself with other beings.

Humanity should have reached out first. Society should have given you something first. There is only one of you, but there are over seven fucking billion of those other people on the planet; at least one of those entities should have extended a hand at some point. But if you were rejected seven billion times by these creatures, you ought to send back the rebuke.

This same population has been around a lot longer than you have been alive, ample time for them to have done something for you as far back as your early childhood. But ever since you were a young kid, this community treated you with utter condescension – so it is only right and just for you to treat any future generation with equal contempt.  

This mass of living creatures has resources that would crush you; yet even though mankind never offered you a penny, society has the gall to expect you to contribute. If you never even got a hand-me-down, don’t be giving other people a handout.

The Bible tells us to live by the maxim “an eye for an eye” – so if everybody has not exactly been kind to you, then you damn well ought to be callous toward everyone. If humanity responded to you with a continual slight, you should give back the spite. If other people react toward you with disrespect, you must return the disdain. It’s only fair.

It is all about balance. If humanity always left you a rebuffed, then society deserves to be repulsed. If society never gave you anything, there is nothing to give back. If you never tasted tit, you don’t owe tat.



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  1. Great post, now that you wrote it you're obligated to be charitible. It has to start somewhere you can be the one to start the chain reaction. "eye for an eye" can translate to an organ donation now days.