Sunday, March 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You have really fucked up this time. And there is no way you can fix things now. Let’s face it, there are no do-overs in the natural world – and there should never be any do-agains in human society either. 

You took a chance, and you lost; you lost big – and you need to feel that loss. You took a thrashing, and now you need to feel that thrashing.

Society is not there to protect you from risk. No one should ever save your ass. A social safety net turns something genuine into a staged performance. The greater the risk, the more something is real.

You tripped-up, and if you fracture a bone – well, them’s the breaks. Missteps have consequences, and you should feel the busted ankle. You took a tumble, and your head really needs to smack that boulder. You slipped-up, and if you break your neck – well, tough luck.

Whenever some hunter gets himself lost in the mountains, he deserves to face the elements alone. Whenever some backpacker runs out of water in the desert – the rest of society should not have to pay for his rescue; the hiker truly ought to die for his bad decisions. 

The only way to prevent such foolhardiness in the future is for the fool to perish for his failings right now.

It is only right that you should suffer for your mistakes. You deserve to be penalized for such errors. Bungling has consequences, and you ultimately need to feel them. Feel them bad. You screwed up something fierce, and you need to twist in agony for your failings.

You get no sympathy from me.

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  1. You deserve to die a slow miserable death in a nursing home, for asumming life has meaning and needs to be handled with care. Are people who die in the prime of thier life really that dumb? Wouldn't it be a bad decision in itself to live to be the age of helplessness?