Wednesday, April 15, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Trying something new in life and failing is much worse than never doing anything at all. Attempting something novel and not succeeding is massively worse than never taking any risk whatsoever.

It is always better not to try anything fresh and different than to be unsuccessful at yet another activity in your worthless life. If your whole existence up to now has been a fiasco, then everything you do in the future will be just as much a failure. If you don’t measure-up, then your reach is always going to be brutally restricted, no matter how much you might wish otherwise. If you have already lost at everything you have tried in life, your luck is certainly never going to change.

The establishment always tells you just to take a chance, just to make an effort, just to try it. All that positive thinking is going to make your inevitable failure all that much worse.

It doesn’t matter how much positive thinking you might do, it doesn’t matter how much you might be motivated, it doesn’t matter how much you might exercise, you penis is never going to get any bigger. Sometimes it is better to accept your limitations, than to be stupid enough to buy the extension device. You may have been born a failure, but you don’t have to become a fool in life as well. A wise man resigns himself to things as they are.

It is better not to buy a single lottery ticket then to gamble and not win. It is better never to place a wager in your life than to gamble on roulette and lose. If the slot machine is rigged against you, the best thing to do is not to insert any more money.

It is better not to start a new business than to lose everything when you inevitably go bankrupt. It is better not to apply for a new job than to have a haughty personal manager reject you with a smirk and a sneer. It is not like you would succeed anyway.

It is better not to love anyone ever than to risk being betrayed by someone that you once allowed to get close. Why bother taking a chance if you have never stood a chance in life?

Like an enlightened master in classic China, the superior man devotes himself to perfecting his mind rather than becoming a productive member of society. The more chances that you take in the larger populace, the more that you will lose of your own personality. Better to weed your backyard garden than to try to make a difference in the outside world.


  1. As Doug Stanhope said, "If a movie is shit for the first 85 minutes, it's unlikely to turn into a masterpiece for the last 5".

  2. I was thinking the other day: is there a difference between gambling at the casino and giving your money to a retailer in search of satisfaction from some sort of indefinite object? Then a friend told me that they're both the equivalent of throwing money in the fire. Sure, better to do nothing than to try to change things and fail. Problem is: it's very hard to do nothing.

  3. I rate this proposition 100% successful. I agreed with everything in this post before you even wrote it.

  4. Damn I already wanted to commit suicide but this was the final blow.