Wednesday, April 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

In contemporary America, only a conspiracy theorist truly dares to think for himself. Unless you are a believer in plots swarming around you, then you are just another drone that merely accepts whatever the mass media is saying. Unless you suspect that secret plans flying around you in the ether, then you are vulnerable to government indoctrination.

It doesn’t matter exactly which conspirators that you ultimately decide are scheming against you, it doesn’t matter what plans you determine that the cabal might be working against you, the most important consideration is that you are rejecting consensus reality. I am not concerned if you worry about being sodomized by extraterrestrials – I am not disconcerted if you fear being raped by giant insects – you are still closer to the truth than someone watching network television. You either believe in conspiracies or are part of the hive. No matter how peculiar the speculation, it is still closer to reality than anything you might see in the mass media. No matter how psychotic the conjecture, it still makes more sense than the government is saying. No matter how preposterous the hypothesis, it is still more plausible than the official history.

I despise the ordinary dupe who just wants to enjoy his remaining days on this globe. Anyone who just wants a happy life is never going to understand what is actually happening on this planet. The unwashed and unemployed loner ranting about the Illuminati is living with more awareness than any productive member of society. If you would rather find peace on earth, then you have no desire to know the real truth of this world. Say what you like about a conspiracy theorist – a paranoid man is never superficial human being.

You get a choice in life; you can either devout himself to having a good time or you can focus on understanding the true nature of things. You can’t do both; you can’t have everything. The conspiracy theorist has made a decision that other people don’t have the courage to accept. If you aren’t a conspiracy theorist, then you don’t know shit.

Only conspiracy theory is powerful enough to oppose the establishment’s indoctrination. Only conspiracy mongering is potent enough to throw off a lifetime of communitarian brainwashing.

The conspiracy theorist rejects the socially accepted view of life. The conspiracy monger refuses to accept the worldview implanted by the educational system. Conspiracy theory rejects a lifetime of government socialization. Paranoia rebuffs the best attempt at media indoctrination. Conspiracy theory releases you from the last remaining bonds to mass society.

Conspiracy theory offers a straightforward process for learning what is genuine. Conspiracy theory works as a practical technique for discovering the true nature of human history. Conspiracy theory provides you with a simple, foolproof procedure for determining the ultimate truth of reality: never to trust anything that the authorities might be saying. Like everything else in life, discerning truth is a matter of distrusting everything.

Conspiracy theory presents a hopeless vision of life. The world depicted by conspiracy is a malevolent world. The paranoid vision of existence is a malicious existence. Conspiracy theory presents a vision of unseen hostility directed against you – there ain’t nothing optimistic about that. Conspiracy theory demonstrates that everyone around you has a sinister agenda.

Conspiracy theory doesn’t change anything. Conspiracy theory will not ever present a genuine solution. Knowing the truth of human existence does not free you – realizing the ultimate nature of this world will not make you happy. Understanding the real horror of existence will not save you, but it will make sense of all that you have endured. Not a cure, just a clarification. 

Conspiracy leaves you no doubt that you are fucked. But don’t expected there to be any way to get unfucked. Once society screws you over, there’s no way to get unscrewed.


  1. This is an interesting article, the way you tied conspiracy theory to a nondeluded view of reality. While I am interested in understanding "the true nature of things" I'm not big into conspiracies myself, but I definitely see how the latter can help one break away from society and understand the former, though I don't think the latter is absolutely necessary to understand the former (in that case, depression is the vehicle to understanding).

  2. A sound mind theorises conspiracies, because it's pattern recognition of the human propensity towards conspiring has not been obfuscated by normopathy. The problem is that many understand conspiracy theory as conspiring towards a theory, thus merely joining another's cult idea rather than trying to make most sense.

  3. I feel that most new conspiracy theories are not so foreign to us. Through their movies and the endless documentation of their theories, we have a sense of intimate familiarity with them, and we are naturally curious about them.