Monday, June 22, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You should never feel guilty about anything. Never. Not once.

If you have more goodies than your unfortunate neighbor, you should be content. You certainly ought not to be feeling abashed about something that materially benefits you. Don’t ever start feeling guilty about something that turns out right for you.

You obviously made mistakes in your life, but you need to accept those blunders. You should no more feel guilty about something you have done, than to feel guilty for making a typographical error in a paragraph. Correct your typo when it comes to your attention, but don’t waste any emotions on the slip-up. Faults must not become a source of guilt.

It just ain’t natural to feel guilt. You have to be taught to feel culpable. You are programmed exactly where to feel guilt in a given social situation. Guilt is an artificial emotion. Guilt is a socially engineered feeling. Guilt is culturally constructed sentiment. Guilt occurs when your actions does not match how the authorities tell you to behave. Guilt is what a slave feels when he does not properly obey.

Guilt is a feeling of weakness. More than anything else, guilt marks your position in the social hierarchy. Guilt is only felt by the subservient population. When a man feels guilt, the male is feeling submissive. When you feel culpable, you are being compliant. Guilt is what the establishment want you to feel.

Guilt is a product of low self-esteem. You are concerned about others when you do not have a fully developed sense of self. When your ego has not fully matured, you are susceptible to being guilt-tripped. Guilt is, ultimately, an attempt to win social approval.

An independent mind just doesn’t give a damn. The less an individual cares about other people, the freer his spirit. As long as you act in your own interest, you are never in the wrong. You should not be the least bit concerned about your neighbors; the only important thing is that you alone remain content. You are not to blame for anyone else’s suffering no matter what. Their pain is their problem. Guilt never even enters into it.

If you ever catch yourself feeling guilty, it is not whatever you might have done that should concern you – what should be of worry is that the system has done a number on you.


  1. Another astutely stellar observation on one of the many bs occurrences in existence

    1. Also: not only is guilt a completely unnecessary emotion, all goddamn emotions are useless in this pointless void of cosmic stagnation.