Monday, June 29, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You can be certain of one thing about security badges – they have nothing to do with security. Identification badges are the way a corporation demonstrates ownership of its employees.

Any company that wants its workers to be numbered like animals in a stockyard is doing some pretty appalling shit in the backrooms. You don’t want to be associated with any institution that wants you to display a barcode like a tag in the ear of a piece of livestock.

If the bosses really trusted you, then they would make an effort to learn your name. If you need to wear a chip-embedded card to gain access to your workplace, it is certain that the higher-ups already have their suspicions about you. An access badge is a symbol that you are distrusted, and you need to return the mistrust. If your activities in the office are tracked by a microchip, you can be sure that the authorities aren’t surveilling your movements for your benefit – no, your owners like to know exactly where their possessions are each moment of the day. 

If you observe the corporation carefully, you will notice that badges are most prominently displayed by the lower-paid employees. The further you ascend up the hierarchy, the less the identification cards will be worn – and the head honchos will not be displaying any insignia whatsoever. The only thing a lanyard around your next demonstrates is your lowliness. An identification badge doesn’t prove your identity, just your inferiority.

Any company that makes you wear an ID badge is not a place where you want to be working. If the business is not small enough for you to know everyone personally, then you aren’t going to want to be spending your time there. An honorable man looks you in the eye – not at your name tag. 

We don’t know exactly what constitutes the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation, but you can be damn certain that it’s going to display your surname. An individualist doesn’t need an official card to certify his identity. A free man knows who he is.

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