Friday, July 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

An obedient citizen does what he is told. An obedient citizen is a subservient to the authorities. An obedient citizen is compliant to mass indoctrination.

Sometimes it is best not to follow orders.  

Do not give government the satisfaction. Do not ever consent to the system by casting a vote. Don’t perpetuate this corrupt arrangement by making any contribution to society whatsoever. Do not fund this oppressive social order by paying any taxes; you should always be scrupulous enough to live just below the income threshold.

Don’t start making things easy for the do-gooders. Never do anything that might benefit other people. Don’t ever let this become a better world for any future generation; you should only be in this life for yourself.

Don’t ever recycle; fill this world with as much rubbish as you can generate. Do not conserve resources; go ahead and waste reserves for the simple goal of keeping other people from getting their share. Squander the environment – it’s there for your use. Be as petty as turning the thermostat to the max and leaving the water running – or you can be as grandiose as spreading something incurable in the crevices of the social body.

Do not participate in the community. Be hostile, not hospitable. Be intimidating, not intimate. Be arrogant, not affable. Don’t give a shit about anyone else – not just because you are a selfish bastard, but because strong social ties make totalitarianism all that much easier. The more the neighborhood is bonded together, the greater the tyranny.

In contrast, the more the citizens dislike and distrust each other, the greater the resulting liberty. The less friendly the people, the greater the freedom. The more the individuals hate each other, the greater the independence. Just be as mean-spirited as you like, just be as odious as you can manage – simply because there is nothing more important than autonomy. Even officious bureaucrats and official busy-bodies will go out of their way to avoid a disagreeable individual – you want to be that dreadful individualist.


  1. Love it. Another masterpiece.

  2. One of the better posts in a while. The Four commandments of MMS.

  3. Also, try to win over your neighbours wife. Seduce her, and then hopefully, get her to do things she wouldn't do for her chinless hubbie!