Friday, July 24, 2015


by Mr. Mean -Spirited

Life is like a city bus, with sticky floors and smelly riders. Think of a transit bus running on time – with all the seats taken and passengers standing in the aisles. All of a sudden, the driver sees a woman in a wheelchair, hastening toward the bus – the cripple is late for the stop, so the operator patiently waits several minutes for her to arrive. By the time the coach finally reaches the station, the bus is now behind schedule, causing 30 commuters to miss their connections. Because of an action of compassion for one person, a couple dozen others are late for their appointments; one fellow will even lose his job because he gets to work so late. A single act of kindness always ends-up harming others. The world runs best when people mind their own business.

One good deed will ruin your whole day.


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  2. I've given up on good deeds. Opening doors for others, who just sail by without any recognition; letting cars out in front, whilst the driver glares at you, etc. Let the fuckers wait their turn...

    Good deeds are inherently selfish, as we only do this to make ourselves feel superior to others - 'look at me! Aren't I a wonderful person!'

    1. so many people cannot comprehend this - that everything is selfish