Saturday, August 8, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The basest human instincts are always the most genuine. The most selfish impulses are invariably the most honest. The most reprehensible urges are the most real. The greatest evil always turns out to be the most authentic expression of the soul. 

I would rather that you hate me than hug me – at least I can be certain that the animosity will be completely genuine. I would rather have you loathe me than love me – at least I would know that the feelings are real. I would rather that you abhor me than adore me – at least I would know that you are being honest once in your life.

Modern society cannot deal with real emotion, so the mass media always wants consumers to be positive. Acting optimistic means you don’t have to deal with reality. Do-gooders would rather have you be encouraging to others than to be genuine about your loathing for other human beings.

You can be certain that negativity is completely authentic. It is always kindness that is counterfeit. It is always sympathy that is staged. It is always compassion that is contrived.

All your positive emotions are as phony as your air kisses. All your passions are as fake as your orgasms.


  1. Being genuine will always enrage the masses who can't for fear of the herd.

  2. The purest form of being. Also being positive reduces your IQ by at least 50 points.

  3. ...some hilarious material for your next article: