Monday, August 17, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

All I know is that I will be dead in a couple decades. Doesn’t matter how perfect the society will be for my hypothetical descendants; I will be just as deceased.

I have suffered the torment of multiculturalism each and every day that I have been alive; I had to suffer through this hell of diversity my entire life. And now I am supposed to preserve the very race that allowed this nightmare to come into existence. Fuck them, fuck them.

Any culture that denies its own tradition truly deserves to die out.

The penalty for liberalism is racial suicide. The end result of tolerance is cultural devastation. Since the European leftists caused the destruction of their very own Western heritage, then the Caucasian race simply deserves to go extinct. If the citizens of America elect a leader like Barack Hussein Obama, then the nation is not worthy of being preserved. You can’t be feeling sorry for illegal immigrants and, at the same time, still expect to have a home for your future grandchildren.

If you would rather be nice to foreigners to the detriment of your own prosperity, then you deserve to suffer. If you would rather be tolerant of strangers at the expense of your own safety then you don’t deserve to survive. If you give some migrant a can of beans and you later go hungry yourself, then you deserve to starve. At a certain point in civilization, you just have to say: this ain’t worth saving. Diversity is death. And if you choose death, then you deserve to die. 

If you want to save the whole world, then nobody is ever going to save you. If you care about other people more than you do about yourself, then you truly deserve to die out. If you are not going to put yourself first, then other groups are simply going to push you aside. The end result of altruism is always personal extinction.

Any race that thinks liberalism is a valid way of life does not deserve to be saved. As you sow, so shall you reap.


  1. I am waiting for the next generation of Barbarians to arise in order to sweep away the garbage and weakness of the current order. Goodbye liberalism!

  2. One of your best ever, Mr. Mean. You can't save a race that doesn't want to be saved. And indeed, enables its own demise.

  3. You can't sit on top of the world and not have the world try and come to you.

    Liberalism is only the latest step of the process. It's the invention of a race that spelled the invention of its demise. Think of it: the first denial of our ancestors' tradition was the invention of the White race, a construct to obliterate the confines of its constituent folk nations. Now, on the local level, entire cultures could go to waste without a cry from leaders, for aslong as the Caucasian race seemed to be on the advance. None other than Whiteness would sow the cracks in conservatism. Now with the Caucasian race as their identity, European folks went forth and spread their distribute their cultures with the whole world, obliterating their barriers aswell. That was considered "progress". Notice this all was brought about with the colonial period. But here's the catch: most non-Caucasian cultures still have barriers between each other, so the spillovers mainly happen between the West and the rest. This is however beneficial to "free trade" (creating economic refugees) and multinationals (jobs migrating out); so would you expect nominal conservatives of the corporate right to have it any other way than their liberal counterparts do?

    1. In the last sentence of your comment, you ask an interesting question: would I expect conservatives to have done any better? Well, a rightist culture would be somewhat more efficient – primarily because mechanically-minded individuals tend to be more attracted to reactionary causes. For example, the top railroad engineers of Italy usually supported Mussolini’s party.

      In the great scheme of things, a conservative culture would simply last longer – but, it is true, the civilization will ultimately collapse as definitively as any leftist democracy. Think of conservatives as premium batteries in a flashlight – eventually they will go just as dead as the cheap liberal batteries from the dollar store, but your country & contraptions will function at their optimum with rightists in power. Entropy will take everything down in the end – but conservatives will buy you extra time. Reactionaries will give you better performance.

  4. This existence and the earth are not worth inheriting. The earth and human existence rightfully belong to the stupid. I've never understood why intelligent people want to perpetuate their race infinitely into the future.

  5. Its our own fault for converting en masse to Christianity. South Asian Hindus had (and still do) it right. Hinduism is universal in scope but very local in practice. An Indian Hindu sees no conflict in arranging his or her son's marriage to another Indian Hindu of the same locality, language and caste, all the while professing Hinduism as "universal". And it is! I've travelled throughout South Asia, India in particular, and myself converted to a Hindu sect (since my own indigenous wisdom traditions were allowed to die out by my ancestors and Hinduism is the closest resemblance). Hindus everywhere welcome me as a friend and fellow practitioner of the spiritual side of things, but they are not going to arrange me in marriage to one of their own. They tell me I should find someone of my own ethnic, linguistic and cultural background, convert that person to my Hindu sect, and marry.

    This is how it should be. This is how Indian Hindus have survived outside conquests by Muslims, Christian Imperialists and countless others. Why didn't we Europeans do this when Christianity came knocking?