Monday, September 7, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

The idea of personal growth is undoubtedly the greatest form of self-deception in our time. The mass media wants you to think you can change your own nature – because that means society can change human nature. The reality is quite different.

You can’t alter your personality no matter how much self-help is done to you. You do not become a better person no matter how much self-improvement is forced upon you. You do not become born-again no matter how much Jesus is stuffed down your throat. You are what you always were – so deal with it, schmuck.

There are plenty of obedient citizens who claim to be reborn, but they are only deluding themselves. The more perfect you imagine that you can become, the more pretending you will need to do. Better to accept who you are than to play at being a “different person.”

A genius in adolescence will be a genius in adulthood – while a dipshit at puberty becomes a dipshit as an old man. Perhaps you didn’t know anything about life at 20 – but the truth is: you sure as shit don’t know anything now either. You might well have been immature as a teenager, but don’t delude yourself into thinking you are any more mature now. You’re just as stupid today as you were back in your youth – only now you don’t want to admit it. The same opinion that you had of the world at 15 should be the same outlook that you have at 50.  

If you were born a failure, you will always be a failure. A high-school loser won’t be able to get any additional pussy as an adult, no matter how many women he might try to pick-up. If you didn’t have any friends as a kid, no one is going to like you as an adult. The 97-pound weakling in elementary school may put on a bit more weight as an adult – but the chap will remain just as much a wuss.

You need to acknowledge how worthless you truly are. Trying to turn your life around will only make you dizzy. It doesn’t matter what might possibly happen in the rest of your existence; you need to remain entirely unmoved. The sign of an honorable man is to remain absolutely unaffected by daily incidents. An enlightened soul is completely untouched by outward events.

Only a liberal adjusts his principles to suit the fashions of the day. If you have progressed beyond an earlier worldview, then you have sold out. If you have grown beyond an earlier belief, then you have given in. If you can appreciate both sides of the debate, then you are double-minded pansy.

When you attained your teenage years, you realized that you had a particular personality – and now you are stuck with it. When you achieved your high-school diploma, you identified with one political position – so you need to stay with it now, cocksucker. You were born into one religion – so keep it, asshole.


  1. Good one. The idea that an individual can be improved in some way is the method by which so many scams are perpetrated upon the masses. The simple truth is that people are product of their genetics and they will only be able to do that which their biological programming will allow.

    1. WIthout a doubt the whole "self-improvement" thing is a scam. I think it's rooted in the false free will assumption: people think they're more than reactionary beings and so certainly they must be able to change themselves for the better.

      It's all a bunch of shit. I feel the same now at 29, on average, as I did when I was little. No difference.

      The newest crowd-pleasing topic involves the microbiome: that somehow genetic changes can occur with various interactions at the cellular level. I'm calling bs on that one too and I don't even know much about it.

  2. "What I know at 60 I knew as well as at 20. Forty years of a long, superfluous labour of verification" - EM Cioran

  3. In the original panel of cartoons I first saw in a comic book in the 60's, I believe the skinny guy DID, using isometrics, become muscular and show the bully off.

    1. You know, I think you are right about how things turned out in the comic. In real life, though, the bully becomes the owner of a car dealership, while the 97-pound weakling spends the rest of his life rubbing a shammy across vehicles at the car wash.