Saturday, September 26, 2015


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

You think that strangers are going after you – but what you don’t know is that other people have already gotten to you. By the time you realize that they are working against you, it is too late – they’ve already set their plans upon you. 

Make no mistake about it, they do have it in for you, but there is nothing that can be done about it. You can’t stop society from taking advantage of you; the best that you can do is become aware of what is being done to you.

Rather than being a mental disorder, paranoia is a healthy and helpful way of viewing reality. There is something not quite right with the world, and only a deep suspicion of everyone will ultimately yield enough evidence of the real malevolence directed against you. Only a paranoid individual can truly understand the real nature of society. Just as in the old Soviet Union, anything that challenges the prevailing view of life is going to be classified as a mental disease. The only way to know what is going on in life is to work at acquiring a mental disorder. Anything that psychotherapists might want to eradicate is something you need to cultivate.  

Ask a fellow citizen a question, and you can be fairly certain that they will lie to you. Other people are going to do what others always do: try to deceive the life out of you. Once you understand that everything you hear is a complete untruth, you might be able to figure out why the authorities might want you to believe a particular fabrication on a particular day.

The more that you become aware of your surroundings, the more you will find indications that you are under surveillance. Like everything else in this existence, you will never find any definitive evidence one way or another, but you will begin to notice signs that others are up to something.

At this point in history, you need to assume that you are being watched. Given the nature of government today, you need to accept that you are under observation. Just as there are video cameras in every retail business, and just as the police record every passing license plate, there is a computer database listing every place you have been.

If you follow the news, you have got to realize that the authorities are listening to your calls. You need to recognize that the bureaucrats are reading your e-mail. The secret police are never going to admit that they are logging everything you do online.

You can never be certain about such things in life, but you have to operate from the probability that other people are out to deceive you. There are only two logical approaches to deal with potential deception: either accept everything someone tells you or assume everything is a lie. Life is too short to spend hours investigating whether every statement is accurate or a fabrication. From what I have experienced of humanity, it is a far more realistic stance to automatically assume duplicity from the start. Others may call you crazy, but at least you won’t be taken in.


  1. I agree with your conclusion in the last paragraph the most strongly. The only way to truly operate is to be skeptical of everything and everyone.

  2. Señor Mean-Spirited,
    iT is true that we must not trust anyone on this living hell called Earth. Can you be trusted? Raul from Paraguay

    1. Señor Mean -Spirited,
      Can you be trusted? and you answered Certainly not. Excellent. Very honest of you. I am not to be trusted either. There is much truth in your blog and I suppose your views might cause you to be seen as a threat to public order. Raúl

    2. My blog is not going to convince anyone of anything; my writing is not going to change any reader’s mind no matter what. I have nothing to offer. And that is as it should be: citizens are only going to be a threat to public order when they are true to themselves.

  3. Trust me, no one should be trusted.

  4. Señor Mean -Spirited,
    That´s the problem,Señor Mean, if you remain really true to yourself, then of course you are a threat to conformity or uniformity. You are not going to follow the herd, you are not going to lick anyone´s behind, you are not going be meek or turn the other cheek. The result,as you well know, is and will be isolation. One pays dearly the price of speaking one´s mind because it is regarded as madness.I am sure that, there are people do not like your blog there, who might like to give you crippling beatings. So keep your Smith and Wesson at hand. Raúl

    1. A gentleman never goes into town without first shining his shoes and loading his gun.