Tuesday, October 30, 2018


by John Grauerholz

You dream about going to some foreign destination, and when you finally get to the promised land, you find that the place is full of the same multinational shops and the selfsame strip malls as there were back home.  You try some newly advertised hamburger only to find it tastes just like all the other fast-food slop.

You have always masturbated to a favorite sexual fantasy – and when you ultimately decide to experience the perverted act in real life, you find that reality does not even give you an orgasm.  You fall in love with some woman and want to live happily ever after – but after you marry the broad, you realize that you never want to see her again.

You need to remember how it was when you were an adolescent and you need to recall all of those things that you once thought you would do with your life – now recognize what you have done with your years and realize that you have accomplished nothing.  Better never to have bitten into the burger, better never to stuck your dick into the orifice, better never to have ejaculated your noxious essence – that to have realized such disillusionment.

Better never to have tried at all than to have proven to be so completely useless.  Now you know just how worthless you truly are – but if you would have been wise enough to do nothing, then you could have cherished the illusion that things might actually be different.  Better to feel unfulfilled than to be disappointed with yourself.

Only a conformist takes a chance.  Only inferior being would bother to make an effort in existence.

Better never to have loved at all than to have failed so completely.  Better to remain alone than to face the inevitably of failing – yet again – with the opposite sex.  You are only going to fuck everything up – except for one thing: the woman you desire.

If there is a chance that you won’t succeed, then don’t even bother trying.

Think of an enlightened master from the Orient – the wise sage sits beneath the bodhi tree and feels nothing.  To attain cosmic consciousness, you simply do nothing.   If anything needs to be emoted in this world, pay someone else to do it for you.   If someone needs to fall in love, let the hired hands experience the appropriate sentiments.   If romance is necessary in life, then let your tradesmen do it for you.


  1. David Benatar sums it up nicely in one sentence: Better never to have been.

  2. "Living? Our servants will do that for us" - 'Axel', Auguste Villiers de l'Isle-Adam

  3. You live out the karma to bring balance back to the situation. As Bhagavad Gita instructs, one does his duty. The trick is: What does that duty entail?