Monday, December 9, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Falling in love with an unworthy woman is an error that happens to the best of us. Romance with an undeserving female is a mistake that we all make.

Sure, it is easy enough for passion to get the better of you. Maybe you just can’t scrape together enough cash to pay for an hour with a high-class call girl, so you fall in love with an acquaintance just so you can empty your prostate gland into an empty orifice. But a girlfriend is a piss-poor replacement for a talented streetwalker. A lover is always going to cost you more money, cost you more minutes, cost you more mental anguish than the services of an accomplished harlot.

Only a fool might imagine that sex is the most important thing in life. Fornication is just one of those bothersome things in this life; you’ve got to resign yourself to having an orgasm whenever you feel the urge. Getting the semen sucked out of the body ranks up there with squirting the snot out of your nose. Ejaculating sperm rates about the same as evacuating your bowels. An erect penis is like a full bladder – you need to relive yourself in order to get on with more weighty matters. Fornication has got to be done in order that you can move on to more important things. Look, before the First World War, a cultured European would visit the brothel during his afternoon lunch so that he might clear his mind for more consequential matters that evening; intercourse was just another inconvenient errand.

An experienced prostitute makes sex less of a nuisance. A broken-in hooker makes fucking less of biological burden. Consider the advantages of getting your copulation completed with the assistance of a professional sex worker.

No risk of pregnancy with an experienced professional. A streetwalker is not going to poke holes in a condom in order to trick you into fatherhood. You don’t need to worry about 18 years of indentured servitude after incautious ejaculation.

No more expensive than a decent dinner for two on a first date (and you don’t even have to take the call girl to a movie). Once you pay the hooker off, your don’t have to spend any more money on the woman – no gifts, no help with her bills, no surprises. In the long run, a prostitute always works out to be the most economical copulation.

No emotional entanglements with a prostitute. You don’t face the peril of falling in love with the body that you use for fornication. After the way that you have been treated in life, you aren’t going to want any romantic entanglements with anyone. The whore already detests you, and you will always despise the bitch afterwards.  

No reason why you should keep your sexual fantasies backed-up in your subconscious. You can complete whatever perverted act might bottled-up in your perverted mind – and get them out of your system. Fantasies are something you should realize as quickly as possible – and forget even faster.

And most important of all, no need to keep the hooker around once you are finished. You don’t have to listen to her talk and talk and talk when you could be doing something a lot interesting like reading this book.

Jesus Christ, man, you’ve seen yourself in the mirror when you get out of the shower. Would you truly, would you really, would you honestly want to sleep next to a woman who would actually have sex with the likes of you? Think of what she must have already done with her body to now be willing to copulate with you. If she is willing to take your dick into her mouth, think of what must have been in that orifice last night.

At least with a streetwalker, your cash compensates for your rather obvious shortcomings. Would you actually want to fall in love with a woman desperate enough to find you attractive? Can you trust the judgment of a female who would find you desirable?

The services of a trained prostitute are the most practical solution to your embarrassing tumescence.


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  1. Merry Christmas, Mr. Mean-Spirited, and I wish the best for you.