Monday, December 2, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Where did you get the idea that your parents brought you into this life because they wanted you?  Whoever said that your parents brought you into this world because they wanted something to love? 

No, your parents created you as a sort of practical joke, a prank at your expense.  With abortion readily available, the only reason your mother gave birth to you was because she wanted you to suffer.  You were only birthed because they wanted something to loathe.

Now think hard about all the pain your have experienced growing up.  I said really think about it.  Remember how your parents used to snicker whenever you fell down?  Do I have to remind you of that condescending smirk on the faces of your relatives whenever they spoke to you?  Surely you must recall how your own family always sabotaged anything that you really wanted to do in life.  Your parents obviously wanted this harm to come to you.

Mark my words, your parents created you because they wanted something around to hate.  Your mother looked at the world and wanted to deliver a nasty surprise to this earth; your mother grunted you out because she wanted to inflict this planet with a little something even more detestable than her existence.  Your mama was constantly made fun-of, so she wanted to leave behind a creature even more ridiculous than her.

When you consider that your parents wanted you to experience this agony … well, it all begins to make sense.  Everyone started sniggering at you the moment when the doctor gave you that first slap.

Your life is the butt of a joke, my friend.  And you know what?  They’re still laughing at you.


  1. Mr. Mean Spirited, would you PLEASE consider writing a post along the lines of Why We Don't Owe Our Parents A Damn Thing? Thank you so much.

    1. He won't write it, because we do owe our forebears something; our outright hostility and contempt... fucking arseholes...