Friday, December 20, 2013


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about the act of recycling that takes a nice guy and turns him into a mincing faggot.

It is not just that recycling programs always cost more money than the regulations save. Recycling is never self-supporting; like all municipal garbage disposal, salvaging requires quite hefty tax subsidies – in order that adequate amounts of cash can be discretely crammed into the pockets of union thugs. And because waste reuse is so well-intentioned, because recycling is so well-meaning, citizens have no incentive to pry into all the ways that money is embezzled. But recycling is a pansy activity for more reasons than liberal pilfering.

It is not just that government-mandated recycling wrecks a citizen’s freedom. Humanitarians never want anything to be voluntary; in order to feel themselves morally superior to the common folk, the liberals always display a need to tell the masses what to do. Recycling is a domestic ceremony that reinforces the notion of a benevolent state. But recycling turns you into wuss for more reasons than being told what you must do with all your wrinkled, flaccid, emptied tubes of Vaseline.

It is not just that recycling is so sort of communal ritual. Logically, it matters not one whit whether you toss your liquor bottles in a landfill or recycling bin. The activity of one paltry person is of no consequence to anything: the world is not going to come to an end because you happen to toss your beer cans out the car window. What communitarians always want is your conformity. The bureaucrats send compliance officers after those who fail to enthusiastically participate. But recycling turns you into a limp-wristed weakling for more reasons than just your cowardice to violate the neighborhood watch committee’s restrictions on trash disposal.

What is wrong about recycling is that it inconveniences you in order to benefit hypothetical taxpayers in the future. Reusing product packaging makes your life a nuisance just so that some future generation might get an advantage over you. Recycling gives some person in the future a better life at your sacrifice. Forcing you to sort through your garbage is just one of the many irritations and annoyances that the bureaucrats dream-up so that future generations can disport themselves at your expense.

What are you, going to live forever? Why the fuck would you care if all the earth’s resources are used up after you’re dead?

This notion of a better future for someone else diminishes you as an individual. A wimp is not a coward, but a dupe who cares more about others than he does about his own lifestyle. A pansy puts other people first. There is a reason why the homosexual caucus is always pushing recycling: a cocksucker gives some other guy a good time ahead of himself.

Life was already trashed when you first entered it, so it is only fair that the world will be full of trash when you leave. On your way out, you might as well leave a bit of stinking rubbish to tickle the nose hairs of the do-gooders. You have no future anyway.


  1. If I don't get around to it soon, I hope you get the itch to write about taxpayer-funded schools. On top of tax breaks for parents. Etc.

  2. My favorite way of pussification is when a wife/girlfriend brings a dog or cat into relationship.This often happens when she finds an abandoned cute dog/cat that she "unable" to pass by. Her motive is to subtly condition a man into becoming "compassionate" towards her in a way that she is "compassionate" toward the poor animal. Her compassion is fake as her true goal is not to help an animal but to manipulate her man and take control over the "relationship".

    1. Quite so. Cunning females often use pets and babies as props in their behavior modification schemes against masculine identity.

  3. Agreed.

    I also have it on good authority that council managers just spunk the revenues (made from recycling), on exotic ladyboys and cheap cigars!

  4. Since recycling your trash came into force, I've noticed a rise in the number of limped dick queers in our neighbourhood. Does make you wonder...