Friday, March 7, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Genealogy is a sort mutually assured deception. Without any DNA evidence, your own supposed lineage cannot be trusted. Without any genetic testing, your family history is about as accurate as a fairy tale.  

A genealogy is just another fiction; the names of your ancestors are just imaginary. Surely you’ve had to wonder why every family tree begins with some figure from ancient royalty – because lineages are merely stories to make you feel better about yourself.

All those “begats” in the family Bible are only there to bestow a fancied legitimacy upon the established order. This whole social system exists only to bring new offspring into the world – and every family line is a lie that parents tell their children. Just as your actual existence is the product of a concocted story about some guy’s cock, just as your identity proceeds out of some distortions told by your mother, so the this selfsame totalitarian country is produced by lies told about nuclear families. 

The unlucky man that a pregnant woman claims to be the father of her brat has no more truthfulness today than it did a generation ago. The name on the birth certificate is no more the biological progenitor in modern times than the dupe would have been the procreator a century ago. Chances are, a girlfriend might have given you a scare about pregnancy not too long ago – do you honestly think that a wench would have hesitated to do the same back in the day? Just because some genealogy asserts that a particular male was your forebear doesn’t mean anything – especially given what you yourself have experienced about the feminine tendency to lie about anything having to do with reproduction.

Human nature never changes. Women whore around about as much as they always have. Women are as much strumpets today as they were a century ago. Just as hipster girls spread their legs for any guy who buys them a drink, so your great-grandmother copulated with anything that could flourish a buggy whip and flap a hard-on.

Throughout history, females will try to cover up their whoring by blaming their pregnancies on the most gullible gentlemen. The only reason a wife puts a husband’s name on the birth certificate is to cover-up her own infidelity.

If she thinks that she can get away with it, a lady will always blame some poor sap for another bloke’s lovechild. A woman pulls the wool over a man’s eyes because he didn’t pull a lamb’s-intestine condom cover over his willie – just as true in the modern bachelor condominium as in the medieval castle. Back in the days before blood tests, a damsel’s false accusations were even more likely to end-up in the genealogical record.

Your family tree is a complete fabrication; the whole idea of your family name is a preposterous falsification. Time to come to terms with it – you’re only deceiving yourself if you really believe that your actual father is the fellow your mom claims. Surely you’ve always suspected it – your mother is a worthless slut.


  1. Man, I love you. No homo.

    Kidding, but awesome text. Always wrecking havoc on the establishment. Right on.

  2. I suppose that is why Jews and certain North American Indian tribes (I no doubt am neglecting others) use matrilineal descent "rules".

    1. Indeed, this was J.J. Bachofen’s idea in "Mutterrecht" (1861) as well. However, I doubt that matrilineal descent can be entirely trusted either.

  3. In unrelated news, I gave you a chain letter. Feel free to burn down my house.

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