Thursday, March 20, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


 It is best to go through life with no ambition whatsoever. You really ought to spend your days by refusing to take any initiative at all. It is best to live without gumption and to be glad of it.

You never signed on for an existence of wage slavery, so you really shouldn’t lift a finger more than absolutely necessary. You will not prosper in this world no matter what, so you must not ever give the do-gooders the satisfaction by even trying. Unless you have the right bloodline, you would have never succeeded anyway – so don’t even bother. You might as well sit this one out.

In this humanitarian tyranny, where your labor ultimately enriches others, the only way of preserving your liberty is to only work the absolute minimum for survival. All that eagerness and earnestness will only benefit someone else anyway. All that busy and bustle is only going make another person prosperous. In a totalitarian democracy, the only way to survive is to do as little as possible – because you must never give the government one extra cent of tax revenue. You should remain completely lazy for no other reason than to keep a multinational corporation from making a profit off your efforts. When your efforts are going to be used to maintain the community, you must do the least in life – no matter the personal privations. Better to go through life deprived of possessions, than denied freedom.

It would be better to live in absolute squalor than to allow your tax receipts to go toward the welfare of another citizen. It would be preferable to live in abject poverty than to permit a nickel of your taxes going to feed some hungry child. A superior man would rather remain absolutely destitute than tolerate his payroll withholding being used to provide another person with healthcare. A true individualist would rather remain completely impoverished than to consent to the revenuers taking of another penny for public schooling. An independent mind would prefer to end up as a lonesome hobo rather than become complicit in this forced altruism.

The more you are able to withdraw from society, the greater your personal sovereignty. Buy yourself a spot of land in the backwoods, build yourself a cabin, grow as much of your food as geography allows, barter for any necessities that you cannot produce yourself. But if you should ever find that you still have some pluck and grit, then kindly keep it in your pants.


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    1. I have nothing to add.

      That "Obama meme" (with the "not bad" face) would fit well here.

  2. This is my own philosophy to a T. You can read my expansion of it on my website.

    But I have just one question: how is a poor person without the appropriate 'bloodline' going to be able to buy a little patch of wild and build a cabin on it ?

    1. The only affordable real estate is going to be “junk land” – unimproved property without electric power, without a drilled well, without direct access to a paved road. If an individual is completely penniless, I am sure a thousand could be raised by metal scavenging or foraging for seasonal edibles (like morels) or medical testing or sex work.

    2. Why do that much? Man isn't endowed to survive as the individual that he is: he can never be free. Those who made us and those who allowed it knew of this, yet carried on. They don't even have the decency to make the tough "choices" for you. Why then not make enough trouble until someone takes care of you, one way or another?

    3. That smacks just a tad of work-ethic. Medical testing is mind-destroying, and only for the young; morels are difficult to find and in any case are very cheap.

      I have a friend in Denmark who lives by selling back plastic bottles to automatic machines put in every town for the purpose, but there's no way he could ever get together enough money even for dental treatment, let alone a piece of land. There is very little 'junk land' in Europe. What there is is likely to be near a power-station, or is else a designated wildlife area. Planning-permission is required almost everywhere, and for that one needs an address. I feel that you have never been enclosed in the vicious circle that is impoverished homelessness.

    4. It’s not just making enough trouble, it’s making the right trouble. Sometimes an individual needs to sit a spell until the proper strategy comes to mind.

    5. In the United States, an individual who makes below $9,350 is not required to file any federal taxes. The object is to stay out of the system, not remain homeless.

    6. Remain out of the grid.

      This discussion is really good.

  3. PS I have put a link to this piece on my eagerly-read-by-ten blog today.

  4. I can't afford to buy any real estate on my small pension, but perhaps metal scavenging or sex work can bring some additional finances.
    I'll than have my own Uncle Jindra Cabin.

  5. You lost me at the buying land and growing food part, I don't have the ambition.