Monday, April 28, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Do not ever donate your organs to anyone. You are not a resource to be harvested. You are not a package of spare parts to be slit and sliced. You are not a biological boneyard that exists only to be salvaged for chunks of flesh. You are not a commodity to be carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.
You don’t want some guy holding a bone saw and a plastic bucket to be anxiously awaiting your last breath. You don’t want some smirking surgeon to be tapping his scalpel on the hospital bedframe until he is able to go fishing around in your chest cavity for warm organs. You are not just a lump of meat to be recycled into the bodies of more fortunate citizens.

You do not belong to society; you have no obligation to provide second-hand gall bladders for the more favored amongst us. The idea that the transplant lobby has a right to recover biological material implies that you are the property of the state. Organ donation is the ultimate proof that you are just another resource to be exploited by the community. Refusing the claim of organ donation defends your existence as an individual. The do-gooders will try their best to intimidate you into providing body parts to extend their coddled existence – but if you want to remain a unique soul you must strive to keep your body intact.

Some stranger did nothing for you, so why the hell should you offer him your spleen? Somebody prancing about with you transplanted heart behind his rib cage has done nothing but make a complete sucker out of you – organ donation is just another way that other people take advantage of you. Why the hell should some jerk get your kidneys? Why would you want some shithead to enjoy a few more years of life at your expense? Let’s face it, if you have to die, then everyone else should have the good manners to politely depart this world when their time is up.

The main reason that organ donation is continually pushed by the mass media is not to save lives, but to generate more funds for the medical industry. Organ donation only exists to enrich the medical establishment: you might be feeling generous and give-up your body parts for free, but the transplant surgery is going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for the health-care industry.

You do understand that if you sign into the organ donation scam, hospitals are going to do their damndest to hasten and hurry your demise. A doctor’s time is valuable, and the professionals are impatient to get their rubber-gloved fingers on the most profitable pieces of your corpse before the competition is able to carve you up.

If you are foolish enough to offer your body to science, you do know that the interns will be laughing and making jokes about your pathetic physique. Your body should be of more value to you than to allow your carcass to end up as a prop for the amusement of some pampered postgraduates. You do realize that if you donate your cadaver to some medical school, the grad students will be taking selfies in front of your corpse.

The very same clique that stole your lunch money when you were in elementary school has now grown into the crowd that is pushing organ donation. They very same smarmy ass-kissers in the human resources department that made you bow and dance for your shit-job are also the do-gooders trying to intimidate you into organ donation. They very same grinning tax-collectors that stole most of your paycheck have now become the mob trying to get you to sign-up for organ donation. The same establishment that screwed you over throughout your existence is the very same society that wants to carve you up for spare parts. The very same “humanitarians” who fucked you over throughout your life are the very same people who are trying to fuck you over after death.

Don’t be a dumbass, don’t be an organ donor. Refusing to give up your organs is the ultimate way of giving the finger to society.



  1. Great post, as always.

    An epic way to become un-harvesting from "Pierrot le fou":

  2. Never quite grasped the concept of donation in the first place. I mean, >>real<< donation, like, I´m losing something - carving up a piece of my body for instance - in order to give it to someone else. Why should I effin do it?

  3. This:

    "They very same smarmy ass-kissers in the human resources department that made you bow and dance for your shit-job"

    Deserves an ovation on its own.

  4. By law, I am prohibited from selling my own organs to someone, yet transplant-mafia is de-facto allowed to sell harvested organs. If you want to sell my organ then you gotta pay me. Find another sucker with free organs.

  5. I can accede to this if I were in the shoes of your target demograph, but ...
    • What about us who've been living off of society?
    • What about the procreators: shouldn't those who "give life" not be obliged give it all the way?

    1. No one should ever be obligated by law, nor even obliged by social pressure, to do anything.

    2. That's harsh: no one should feed the hungry or share the means for auto-termination? And parents do not owe to children?

    3. By "those who've been living off society", I hope you mean our corporate oppressors, and not some guy who never stood a chance in hell.

  6. I'm sure they'll find some way to steal my organs, but at least I know that I've given the ultimate finger to the world, some cretin god, and even death, merely by not procreating. ANs are the ultimate refuseniks.