Friday, April 11, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

I don't care how paranoid you imagine yourself to be – you aren’t suspicious enough. It doesn't matter how much you might distrust other people, somebody is already taking advantage of you. It's not important how often you look over your shoulder, you will never see everyone who is following you. You just aren’t adequately mistrustful.

Fear is a state of alertness. While panic is not a particularly serviceable mindset to plan strategy, dread is an ideal state of mind for surveying the combat zone. Fright simply lets you scan more of the field of carnage. Being scared is merely a form of information gathering. 

If you really want to know what you are facing, you will just have to make yourself even more paranoid. The only way that you are going to understand what the others are conspiring against to you is to become frightened deliberately. Fear lets you recognize things that you would not otherwise be able to notice. You never glimpse as many potential assailants as when you are scared. You must become intentionally terrified. When you are afraid, you finally manage to glimpse something of the plot against you. Terror lets you understand the big picture. The more of daily life that begins to alarm you, the better your awareness of the scheme against you.

Paranoia gives you an edge. Wariness gives you an advantage over the conformists. When you are happy, you let your guard down. The instant you feel comfortable around other humans is when you make yourself vulnerable. The moment you start to trust another person is the instant where you can be overpowered. Once you stop distrusting everyone, you can be defeated by anyone. 


  1. Well, I wouldnt say that Im not paranoid enough because I need to take pills to be able to sleep most of my nights.*

    However, your points are on the money, as usual.


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    *I know the article is not intended at me, personally.

  2. Why this doesn´t have more comments? I gave you a point on the google plus button there, close to your signature.

  3. Paranoia is just extreme awareness.

  4. Another excellent post, Mr Mean-Spirited. One thing I especially like about your posts is the COMPLETELY APPROPRIATE picture you begin them with.

  5. Fuck! I'm so paranoid, I don't want any doctor to know I'm an antinatalist because, just out of spite, they'll steal my DNA and clone me.... "Won't breed, eh?ill show this asshole who's in control of his fate!".... You know they would....