Thursday, June 19, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Let me tell you a secret. Sex is never just about sex – sex is all about humiliating another human being. What is truly erotic is the process of degrading another person. What is so arousing is the act of dehumanizing another soul.

There is no better demonstration of a man’s genuine character than a bloke’s true sexual fantasies. Nothing reveals a human’s foul nature more than what excites him sexually. Quite frankly, you are doomed to be stimulated by some pretty disgusting stuff indeed. Since you cannot exist as a celibate creature, you might as well be honest about what you find arousing. You need to come to terms with how loathsome you truly are. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself – well, you should if it all weren’t so damn enjoyable.  

Let’s be honest, human beings live for that moment when they can demean their neighbor, and nothing demonstrates the depravity of human nature as sexual excitement. A man can pretend many things, but sexual arousal reveals his genuine essence.

Ever human animal can understand orgasm, but what is erotic everything not related to any primordial physical responses. What is sensual is everything that is not a product of biological sensation. What is arousing the befouling of another human being. What is stimulating is the excess.

A blowjob is a simple matter of suction – but what makes fellatio exquisite is everything that comes after your ejaculation. What makes the cocksucking perfect is the moment when she swallows your semen – an act entirely unnecessary as your ejection is already completed. But what is arousing is getting a woman to degrade herself by swallowing your biological waste. You’ve had your orgasm, so what she does with your sperm is completely gratuitous. You want your girlfriend to be ever-afterward contaminated and corrupted – that is the point of the activity, not some transitory pleasure. The purpose of sex is not some transitory orgasm, but the life-long debasement of another life.

You might fantasize about shooting off upon her face, but what makes the act erotic is the deliberate soiling of another living being. Your debauchery leaves your sexual partner eternally defiled. There is always something reprehensible about your urges. The more intense the orgasm, the more despicable your desires. If you cannot avoid your inclinations, you might as well indulge.

After what you did last night, how can you ever live with yourself? Only by doing something even worse tonight.


  1. Channeling Peter Sotos are we, Mr. Mean?

  2. "What is so arousing is the act of dehumanizing another soul."
    Right on. I knew someone else would acknowledge that cringe-induction and guilt that sexual matters have always evoked, even in the youngest of humans.
    "But it's just guilt because we're all raised to think of sex as taboo," someone might say. "There's nothing wrong about sex."
    No. The dip-shits just refuse to accept, sometimes even acknowledge, the evil in the core of the human soul, the excitement brought about by making others into your bitch; it's visible when people attention-seek, wanting to degrade others into being the supporting characters that talk about the extraordinary main character. The world is a writhing mass of insects, crawling over each other for dominance, each one wanting to climb to the top and center of the pile of shit. If you're appreciative of this and lucky, life becomes the best, most horrifying game ever. Cheers to being awake.
    Well, that's just a fun thought to entertain when you're bored and hyper-aware of your being surrounded by walking piles of shit.

  3. Just one small, small thing here. The majority of people who read you are not the sick son´s of bitches that you are writing most of your things to. Some (AN, pessimistic) people that I know, through exchanging mail, are even averse to sex altogether. The thing is, what you write is right, but it´s aimed at the wrong people. I would venture that most of the people that your post here specifically refers to are not readers of your blog, and perhaps will never catch this.

    But as always, it´s good to read texts that confronts us and make us think. Plus, all the misanthropy is always welcome.