Tuesday, September 23, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited


The standard definition of misogyny is “hatred of woman” – true enough, I suppose; however, I would define misogyny as an understanding of a woman’s real nature. A man comes to dislike something not because of unfamiliarity; an individual comes to loathe the opposite sex not because a lack of first-hand experience, but because he has a rather intimate knowledge of the gender in question. A man becomes a misogynist because he knows women too damn well.

No man ever makes a decision to hate the female of the species. No male really wants to become a misogynist. Instead, you need to think of misogyny as a truthful reaction – the only possible honest reaction – and the only just reaction – to being treated in a particular way by the feminine gender.

I am a misogynist because all women are whores. I still have trouble believing that women are so simple-minded that they actually accept what men tell them. Surely a creature that allows herself to be sexually humiliated by men cannot be respected. Any gender that allows themselves to be used in such a manner has to be despised. Any person who would willingly swallow some one-night stand’s semen is not worthy of respect. How can women be such sluts?

I am a misogynist because women judge a man for his social status. If you going to accuse men of being superficial enough to evaluate a lady on the basis of her physical appearance, then you must find women just as shallow if they judge a gentleman on the basis of financial resources. While women form an attachment with a male who will advance them in the pecking order of the community, the female will hypocritically claim that this economic relationship is actually love. The misogynist knows better.

I am a misogynist because women make such astonishingly bad decisions in bed partners. Mass society says that women can copulate with anyone they choose, but that is not going to stop me loathing females for their selections. If dames prefer to fornicate with unsuitable partners, then I am going to hate the broads for their appalling lack of judgment. Choices have consequences. Make the wrong pick and you get repercussions – negative repercussions. A misogynist holds women to account.

I am a misogynist because I do not trust women. I know that a girlfriend will ultimately be scheming to entrap me with some story about an accidental pregnancy. The evolutionary purpose of the woman is to ensnare a man into fatherhood. I would rather hate a female than be fooled by the feminine. Distrust is a defense-reaction against a lady’s duplicity. Not protection against being hurt, since that will happen no matter what – but a safeguard against being taken-in by feminine deception.

I am a misogynist because women are such conformists. Women have an innate need to be accepted by her social circle. A female only does something with an eye to the recognition of her peer group. Even the very fashions she might wear are selected to merit her friends’ approval. A woman wants to be part of something, and I hate her for that.

I am a misogynist because every prostitute thinks she will make a great mother. In fact, the more of a whore, the better the mother she imagines that she will be. I hate women because every tramp seems to feel that raising a child will make up for years of sexual promiscuity. Passing on her slutty ways to yet another generation.

I am a misogynist because every woman thinks she is doing men a favor merely by spreading their legs. No matter how hapless she is in all other areas of life, every dame imagines that she is good in bed. The reality is that few modern American females have any sexual skill whatsoever; they just lie there expecting stuff to be done to them. If it weren’t for certain biological imperatives, no man would want to stick their dick in that that salmon-smelling slit in the first place. I’ve got news for women: fucking them is goddamned obligation.

I am a misogynist because women won’t shut the fuck up. Always asking questions – always talking about their feelings. Why is it that females seem to imagine that anyone gives a shit about their opinions? Hell, the main reason men prefer blowjobs is because it keeps the broad from saying anything for a few blessed minutes. I am a misogynist because I am sick and tired of their incessant chatter.

I am a misogynist because women think that they are loved by someone. A man only tells a woman that he loves her just to keep her quiet – and the broad is dumb enough to believe it. I hate females for thinking that they are loved; I hate ladies for their inability to face reality. Time for girls to get real: no one truly cares about them; no one loves them.

I am a misogynist because a woman’s body is designed for breeding. The female’s own bodily processes are as repulsive as her monthly bleeding. Her very physiology is as an affront to common sense: pregnancy is not a divine miracle but a disgusting mess. If I had some alien creature inside my body, I wouldn’t be content to allow the thing to remain implanted within me for nine months – I would want a surgeon to remove this invading entity immediately. Her very flesh makes me queasy.

I am a misogynist because, for better or worse, a distinction between sex roles has always been part of the Western tradition. I am not saying this divergence is necessarily a good thing, just that this disparity has been constant feature of Euro-American culture. Misogyny is the only means of preserving these distinctions in an era of political correctness. Nothing like defending your birthright to piss-off the feminists.

I am a misogynist because betrayal is in a woman’s nature. Infidelity is inevitable; treachery is just a matter of time. It is not a matter of seeking greener pastures – as much as finding a guy more amply endowed with greenbacks. Hating all women is obviously not going to delay a girlfriend’s inevitable betrayal – as much as allow you to place her disloyalty in the proper perspective. Misogyny is preemptive. If certain female behavior is foreseeable, then misogyny helps to recognize the pattern. Misogyny makes everything a woman does into something predictable. Hatred is always anticipatory.

At a moment in history when feminists dominate the mass media, admitting your innate misogyny helps to define yourself as a genuine nonconformist. A true individualist always places himself in opposition to modern trends like feminism. A misogynist stands against everything about the modern world.


  1. "I am not saying this divergence is necessarily a good thing, just that this disparity has been constant feature of Euro-American culture"

    Why aren't you saying it is a good thing? whose feelings were you trying to spare with that disclaimer?

  2. Bravo! One of your best pieces, Mr. I would add that I'm a misogynist because women are too mundane, too attached to this world, to its fading pleasures, in conclusion: to this existence and I find that despicable.

    1. Ass-kissin' liar.

    2. There’s man all over for you, blaming on his boots the faults of his feet.

      ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

  3. Here's more fuel for your fire:


  4. I personally couldn't give a damn about the suffering of women except for my family members and relatives. I sometimes imagine myself burning thousands of women alive.

  5. kill yourself. a misogynist is not worthy of any respect. for fuck sake, you must burn in hell.

    1. Of course I will burn in hell when I die – that’s obvious. But so will you, my dear reader. We will all go to hell no matter what, so we might as well be misogynists on the way down.