Thursday, September 18, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Sharing is the manner in which a human being is first brainwashed into conformity. Teaching a free spirit to share is the process by which an individual is mind-controlled into becoming a communitarian.

Sharing always goes one way. You will always be asked to divide what you have with the less fortunate, but somehow the more blessed never seem to share anything with you. Sharing only goes in one direction – away from you toward someone else. If you want to be able to keep what little you have, then you must never share under any circumstances.

You’re only being deceived by the professional do-gooders if you think that you will ever get anything out of sharing. Taking advantage of the compassion of strangers is how the humanitarian establishment managed to hoard their wealth in the first place. It is always the same characters who personally benefit from sharing who are always talking about a moral duty to share. A do-gooder always tells you to be generous when he has a hand in your pocket. Don’t be fooled: never share.

The human mind is made subservient to the establishment through the act of sharing. If you are determined to breed, then you would never allow government schools to indoctrinate your children into sharing. Teaching a child to share is the way a citizen is socialized into submission to the state.

You transform a youngster into a conformist by eroding his sense of ego, and the way that society trains a child to be obedient is by making the youngster share. Every time you share something, you lose a piece of your inner self. Sharing makes you less of a person.

The act of sharing is exactly what binds you to the larger community – the keyword here is “binds”. To sever those bonds, you merely need a determination to start keeping what is yours. Bureaucrats simply assume that sharing is one of those attributes of a good citizen. Refusing to join-in becomes an affront to everything decent and liberal. To humanitarians, refusing to share is such a deplorable and despicable gesture, that it places you beyond the bounds of polite society. It is incomprehensible to do-gooders that a citizen would not want to share. 

Just as the act of sharing on a personal level will only result in individually destructive behavior like generosity and liberalism, so the action of sharing on a governmental level will only result in culturally destructive policies like foreign aid and reception of immigrants. To eliminate public weakness, you must first eliminate private self-sacrifice. To restore a heroic selfishness to civilization, you must first re-establish self-centeredness.

When it is so easy to give into what the mass media tells you, keeping things all to yourself is the ultimate mark of personal courage. When idealists lecture you to help the poor, keeping that change securely in your pocket is the sign of your true moral worth.

Sharing is for losers. Never share. Sharing is the way that the community manipulates your personality into obedience. Never share.



  1. If one is determined to breed, one is automatically determined to share resources and identity with another. When one makes a demiclone and then tries to make you and it behave together like a family unit, one already loses the substance of one's inner self. And it's not just forcing a child to share, but any way of disciplining it trains it into submission to authority. Procreators are losers through and through, who share and make share the life package with their youngsters. They can not 'never share'. They instead need to own up to the community they diced into being. Entertaining their delusions and letting them get away with picking and choosing what they share, only makes them the worst kind of communitarians:
    sore losers.

  2. "Sharing is for losers!" It makes logical sense. Sharing, and co-operating, means that I have a better changes at winning than trying to be the best by myself. For example: take a group of 5 people. Individually, if one of them (the winner) is faster, smarter or stronger, he/she can take want they want from the rest. But, if the others (the losers) decide to share, and co-operate, the can kick the winner's ass and take everything.

    1. That is a bit too trusting of your fellow co-conspirators: how do you know that the others in your cabal won’t then try to stab you in the back the same what that you are now screwing over the current winner?