Tuesday, September 30, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Somebody pushing in front of you is one of those minor annoyances in life that reveal a man’s true colors. Character is never more clearly displayed than in those small, daily confrontations with other human beings.

Allowing someone else to get ahead of you in line causes several seconds – maybe even a couple minutes – to be taken away from you that can never be retrieved. If you act like a nice person, then parts of your existence will be lost forever. Elbowing you aside is an act of deliberate contempt, but accepting that shove is an action of determined cowardice. If other people didn’t think you were weak and worthless, they wouldn’t be trying to get in front of you in the first place. You must defend your place in line as if your very life depends on it – because it damn well does.

A man loses status by not confronting the small encroachments of others. While someone slipping into line ahead of you is a comparatively minute affront – a man does not lose social standing in a once-in-a-lifetime defeat, but in refusing to defend his position in tiny ways in the everyday events of life. It is how a man resists against the small infringements in daily existence that marks a great character.  

If you don’t confront your neighbor in the slightest trespasses upon your personal space, then his encroachments will only increase on the next occasion. You must face-down minor affronts immediately or else they will grow into major assaults. Before you know it, his heel will be pressing down upon your toes.

Think of someone pushing ahead of you as a test of character: if you are unwilling to confront his intrusion, then you are shown to be the coward that you are. Letting someone in front of you in a line marks a man as a pansy more definitively than a defeat in a fistfight. Permitting an act of disrespect to go unchallenged leaves your personality drenched with the stink of a wimp, a stench of the weakling that cannot be washed off. An honest man defends his position – no matter the situation. A man who doesn’t protect his place in daily life will not defend himself anywhere else in life.

No matter how inconsequential the social interaction, you can sabotage humanity by making that encounter as unpleasant as possible. Best way to protect yourself against the liberal masses is not to allow anyone to get away with anything.


  1. Especially if you've been conscripted as part of some human centipede experiment...

  2. What is good about defending this? What meaning does cowardice or bravery really have? It seems you are attached to effort; enthralled by struggle. You worship conflict without looking too deeply into the inner mechanics of it. Nothing is worth defending--place, wealth or status. The only thing that could ever truly be worth defending is Nothing; and oblivion doesn't need a defender. It simply is. Activity is an implicit agreement of the thing.

    1. Nothingness is boring. Nirvana does not interest me; I believe in hate.