Saturday, October 25, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited
If you are an alcoholic, you need to drink-up and shut-up.

If you are a problem drinker, then the only way that you are ever going to find a cure is simply to keep substance-abusing.  You’re not ever going to be able to control your life unless you persist in your addictions; you need to continue your liquor consumption until you can control your compulsions.   You do not give up booze, but you accept your fate and celebrate your destiny with a drink.

Liquor is like everything else in life: your skill improves with practice.  Proficiency is never achieved by giving up your calling.  Prowess can only ever be attained by continuing with your routine as long as it takes – if your destiny is booze, then you need to stay with it until you can completely control your habit.  Mastery is only going to be acquired by keeping-up with your drinking.

No 12-step program ever healed anything, such behavioral re-indoctrination will only destroy your true nature – these “treatment” scams merely replace one intoxicant with a toxic helplessness. Confessing that you are powerless is not fixing anything – but only making you even more needy.  Appealing to a higher power is merely going to make you dependent upon an even more-expensive substance.  Just as a well-trained sprinter would never give up running when he feels a wee bit tired – just as a genuine athlete continue until he gets a “second wind,” so an alcoholic must find the courage to push through and to take another drink when he reaches rock bottom.

An alcoholic who is sober has not changed his true nature, but the boozer is merely denying who he truly is. A tee-totaling alcoholic is living a lie. An honest man empties the shot glass. Abstinence is for moral weaklings.

Obviously, not every alcoholic is going to triumph in finding his drinking tempo, but a 12-step program condemns you to fail from the start.  Sure, you might not succeed in spacing-out your liquor, but an alcoholic who drinks on his own timetable has shown his mettle.  An alcoholic who continues drinking on his own schedule has accepted his fate.  Better to be true to your sodden nature than living a sober lie.

To be sure, some characters are going to die of alcoholism – but their fate is to succumb no matter what they do.  They are meant to die, and they do not concern us.  (You need not ever concern yourself with the victims.)  If you are an alcoholic, then you were meant to be an alcoholic – you shouldn't trust to change your fate, but celebrate your destiny with a toast.

The most courageous soul is one who accepts his fate.  A brave man takes another drink.  An alcoholic who remains sober is just another coward; healing will never occur until the alcoholic has learned to hold his liquor.  Recovery is always proven by a neat row of downed shot glasses.  An alcoholic who is able to pace his drinking has attained mastery over life and liquor.  

Never trust a man who won’t take a drink.


  1. The queen mother of rationalizations...

  2. I also think that real men drink and take copious amount of Viagra at the same time, as you're bound to get laid with some floozy. So might as well be prepared, not to mention I like a 'stiff one' in the mornings!

  3. ....should have stopped at "man".... Nice post, but so many words....

    1. I fear that you are right about the, um, words.

  4. I think you are a wee bit of a one eyed idiot. Do you think the 12 steps and powerlessness are the only ways to approach a life without boozing? I drank copious amounts of alcohol for over 40 years, plenty of shot glasses lined up to be sure. Strong spirits were my specialty. I considered wine or beer to be for the lightweights. I decided to stop. I wanted to. So I did. I feel empowered and I love my life and I am accomplishing many things. I did when drinking as well, but now I just love being as sharp as a tack, popping with good health, and I love how much better my life is in all ways. I don't even know why I'm bothering to comment, I have nothing to prove, and each to their own. I realise nothing will convince you as to how life can be without pouring false bravado poisonous bullshit down your throat, so you just stick with it, and keep convincing yourself that it's the best course of action for a full and happy life. And I'll keep waking up smiling. (But I wish you would try being free of it, coz it's truly amazing) like who knew?