Saturday, November 8, 2014


by Mr. Mean-Spirited

Only save yourself.

Only you are worth saving.

In any emergency, trying to save other people will not only put your own personal safety at risk, but it will leave the entire population in peril. Trying to save strangers will only result in more death and destruction than the actual disaster itself. In an actual emergency, there will always be a few unlucky victims who will
perish – but trying to save the lives of these few unfortunates will put the entire populace in danger.

You don’t ever want to attempt to rescue a drowning man – you will only get dragged under the water. You don’t care for someone with an infectious disease – otherwise, you risk contracting the virus. You don’t share your food with a starving man – you’re just postponing his inevitable starvation and you yourself might well become malnourished.

It is always best to cut your losses: let those other people that are fated to die come to realize their destiny. Don’t interfere with the ill-omened. Trying to change someone else’s lot in life will only result in misfortune for everyone.

Let us see the hand of providence in one example. No fire drill has ever saved
a life – not once, not one occasion. Instead, a fire drill is a dangerous bit of safety theater that costs the lives of overly-trained citizens. Like everything else practiced and promoted by liberals, the fire drill is a counterproductive performance that only encourages people to ignore an actual emergency.

Fire drills are a nuisance – nobody takes them seriously; in every drill, people take as long as possible to gather their possessions, to finish their snacks, to gab with their acquaintances, and finally to get out of the building. People ignore fire alarms because they think the noise is just another compulsory exercise run by self-righteous authority figures. After suffering through a series of well-intentioned practice sessions, no one is ever going to take an alarm seriously in a genuine conflagration. Workers are going to think a legitimate alarm is just another drill.

Fire drills are not designed to save lives, as much as to give do-gooders a feeling that they are making a difference. Fire drills were not devised to keep retards from getting cremated, but to allow busy-bodies the illusion that they are helping people. The more the bureaucrats try to save people, the more that their efforts will only cost lives in the long run – but at least the functionaries will be feeling pretty good about themselves when surveying the charred corpses.  

The minute you try to save one person’s life, you end-up killing a dozen other people by accident. There will always be some unlucky bastard who dies in a house fire – that unfortunate person cannot and should not be helped. The moment you try to save someone who is fated to die, you end up letting a dozen other civilians perish by happenstance. Trying to save one life always results in the destruction of a dozen other souls in the process. Trying to rescue one dumb bastard will only bring about the manslaughter of twelve bystanders. You can’t save everyone, so it is best not to bother trying to save anyone – otherwise, there will always be unintended consequences.

Next time you see a person trapped in a blazing building, the only sensible reaction is to open a bag of marshmallows. Never let the screams of burning victims keep you from enjoying a good campfire.

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